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  [Company News]  Shao Heng railway wagon project was opened to traffic in 2018 is progressing well  2015-4-30 10:55:53
  [Company News]  Xinkaipu Changsha railway wagon bridge completed May 10  2015-4-29 17:12:47
  [Company News]  May day  2015-4-28 10:23:35
  [Company News]  China Railway wagon Corporation issued 10 billion yuan of short margin debt had reached 3.53 trillion  2015-4-24 11:03:19
  [Company News]  Maintenance of railway wagon manufactured after the first batch of Shijiazhuang "railroad giant" Relocation  2015-4-23 16:05:30
  [Company News]  Hualien railway wagon station overcrowded tourist season TRA Calls shunt  2015-4-22 11:35:28
  [Company News]  Sichuan cast iron 50 billion investment railway wagon in the future high-speed, half an hour by train direct from the airport to Chengdu renshou  2015-4-21 9:52:39
  [Company News]  Xiamen, Changsha to 51 railway wagon tickets have been sold out very Cabbage Festival tickets  2015-4-20 13:17:59
  [Company News]  Japanese Maglev train into the world's fastest passenger railway wagon  2015-4-18 19:38:37
  [Company News]  Sichuan British territory to reach a freight railway wagon running rail fire smoke  2015-4-17 10:07:48
  [Company News]  Russia's largest border crossing point: the end of the new railway wagon station was opened Suifenhe  2015-4-16 11:39:31
  [Company News]  Tangshan public collection of more than a thousand pieces of railway wagon station ticket  2015-4-15 13:08:03
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