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Xiamen, Changsha to 51 railway wagon tickets have been sold out very Cabbage Festival tickets
 The world is so big, I want to see. Another 10 days to the May Day holiday railway wagon. Do you have plans to travel itinerary and plan?
    Reporters for you inquire a little, during the May Day holiday, Hangzhou train destined for some of the city's popular tourist bad buy, ticket prices also rose to 5-6 fold more basic.
    Yesterday afternoon, the 12306 website, April 30 in the afternoon, went to Xiamen, Hangzhou, Changsha and other popular places of the train has basically exhausted. Hangzhou go Jinhua, Quzhou, Zhuji, Yueqing, Cangnan other places are also very tight vote.
    Small holiday crowd did not want to get into, as peak shifting travel, May Day holiday, there are a lot of cabbage flights to choose from.
    Xiamen, Changsha tickets sold out
    Xi'an, Guilin, cabbage Festival Tickets
    51 small holiday train more nervous now? Yesterday afternoon, reporters Login 12306 website reported that the money found April 30 in the afternoon, went to Xiamen, Hangzhou, Changsha and other popular places of the train has basically exhausted, short-haul portion of the province, Hangzhou go Jinhua, Quzhou, Zhuji, Yueqing other places of votes also very tight.
    But standing in Hangzhou East Railway opened during May plus 16 pairs of high-speed rail motor car, all the trips popular directions: Shanghai, Nanjing, Xuzhou, Wenzhou, Ningbo, Yiwu, Quzhou, country and so on.
    Of course, if you think 51 trips is to see the crowd, it may also wish to focus on post-holiday travel information. If you can tune off, we might avoid it.
    Yesterday, reporters found that many cabbage tickets in the relevant ticket agent sites, such as May 15, the 22nd Fei Xian, Hangzhou, just 284 yuan; May 18, the 25th flight to Guilin, Hangzhou, just 290 yuan; May 28, the 30th Hangzhou Shandong Weifang fly as long as 75 yuan. Really is quite tempting, key personnel not crowded.
    Visually impaired visitors from May 1
    Available with guide dogs
    There is a message of concern, money newspaper reporter learned from the railway sector, from May 1, visually impaired visitors can stop by train guide dogs.
    Guide dogs are the eyes of the blind. But earlier, there had been blind guide dogs blocked the train thing. In this regard, the railway department, said Shishuwunai. Because, although the dog humanity, but many people traveling on the train, once the dog a good mood, showing a rampage, other passengers may have fear or mental discomfort.
    Recently, after the China Railway Corporation and the China Federation of Disabled joint research to develop a "handicapped passenger bus stop guide dogs rule", and carry passengers to travel by car guide dogs make the appropriate requirements.
    Railway authorities reminded passengers to carry guide dogs traveling with disabilities, please as far as possible before driving 12 hours, the station ticket window or by telephone 12306 railway customer service center, indicating that guide dogs travel needs; please bring a guide dog Disabled visitors stop by car initiative with railway wagon staff, to produce relevant documents for inspection, guide dogs for the Department of the traction chain, worn saddle guide the blind, etc.