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Hualien railway wagon station overcrowded tourist season TRA Calls shunt
 railway wagon
According to Taiwan's "Central News Agency" reports, Hualien, Taiwan railway wagon is one of many mainland tourists visiting tourist spots, recently entered the tourist season, Hualien Train overcrowding morning, tour operators and distribution effectiveness dissatisfied TRA poor; Hualien train station chief Lai Tung earthquake appeal visitors should shunt.
Tourism industry, said Chen Dongliang, 21, as more bodies off, at about 2000 more than usual mainland tourists want to leave the train in Hualien, Taiwan Railway wagon to reflect it invalid, hope TRA closely with energy and tourism sectors, depending on the period of time or an additional shuttle add a passenger compartment and distribution.
Hualien stationmaster Lai Zhen Dong said it has an additional Hualien to Su'aoxin Station 8 times a day, the transport capacity of 5,000 people a day, 21 the addition of 2,000 people, but also an additional column revival emergency number and distribution; Desk iron can not be unlimited train tickets, especially tourists mostly concentrated in the 9:00 to 11:00, I hope the industry sub-periods allow passengers to ride, shunt to relieve the crowds.