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China Railway wagon Corporation issued 10 billion yuan of short margin debt had reached 3.53 trillion
Rail total issue 10 billion yuan short margin up to 3.53 trillion debt
In fact, this is not the first time China Railway wagon Corporation to raise funds by issuing bonds in the form of a. Notice, as of April 15, the total iron and its affiliated companies have publicly issued debt financing has not yet expired more than 1 trillion yuan.
In order to solve cash flow problems, China Railway Corporation (hereinafter referred to as total iron) is scheduled for 24 April 2015 issue of the first phase of short-term bonds.
April 21, total iron expressed announcement scheduled for April 24 this year, the first phase of the tender issued short-term financing bonds issued quota of 10 billion yuan, 366 days period, the inter-bank bond market by issuing an open tender system distribution, subject to a coupon rate tender. Funds raised will be used for railway construction, rolling stock acquisition and operation of the cash flow.
Behind the current rapid development of China's high-speed rail, is faced with the reality of high iron total debt ratio. According to the 2014 total iron three-quarter results, as of the end of September 2014, the iron up to 3.53 trillion yuan of total liabilities, liabilities rate of 64.77 percent.
In fact, this is not the first time the total iron in the form of funds raised through the issuance of bonds. According to the total iron announcement shows that as of April 15, the total iron and its affiliated companies have publicly issued debt financing yet due totaled 1.0715 trillion yuan, of which China's railway construction bonds for a total amount of 908.5 billion yuan, corporate bonds 50 billion, the total amount of medium-term notes 145 billion yuan, 2.5 billion yuan of short-term financing bonds, the total amount of short-term bonds over 10.5 billion yuan.
In addition, continued to fall resulting in reduced iron railway wagon freight total funding, which also makes the iron total financing of more intense craving. According to the National Development and Reform Commission released on the 21st of a quarter of the national railway completion data show that a quarter of the national rail freight completed 870 million tons, down 9.4%. And last November, according to data released by the Ministry of Transport show that rail freight traffic volume of 10 consecutive months of decline.