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Japanese Maglev train into the world's fastest passenger railway wagon
    railway wagon
    IDG Tokai Japan Railway wagon Company recently in Yamanashi Maglev Test Line (total length 42.8 kilometers) of high-speed running test, creating a 590 km per hour manned running a new record. The rate broke the 581 km per hour manned record 2003 creation. It is reported, JR Tokai company will challenge the 600 kilometers per hour on the 21st of this month.
    The company said that tests carried out on the 16th, was to collect high-speed maglev train is running under the aerodynamic characteristics data to improve train safety and comfort. Test on the 16th morning, the 29 JR Tokai company staff ride vehicles 11:53 local time sharing reached a speed of 590 kilometers, and thus speed run 19 seconds.
    Yamanashi Maglev Test Line in the future will be converted to operate the line, is used as a central Shinkansen maglev, set at a maximum speed of 505 kilometers per hour. Section of Tokyo Shinagawa  railway wagon Station to Nagoya Station is scheduled to begin operating between 2027. Then, from Tokyo to Nagoya between travel time will be shortened by half, to 40 minutes.