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Zheng Jiao railway trips from tomorrow to railway wagon pay more a pair of trains daily adjustment
Recently learned from the Zhengzhou Railway Station,  railway wagon from July 15, Zheng Jiao railway trips will be fine-tuned, be more open with a pair of contacts Jiaozuo Zhengzhou Railway Station train station every day. At the same time, the abolition of the C2923, C2926 Jiaozuo train station to Nanyang Walled stations.
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It is understood, Zheng Jiao since opening and operation of the railway, passenger popular far beyond expectations. At the same time, the demand in view of two pairs of trains between the station and the Nanyang Walled station Jiaozuo opening line of small, the case of each other train trip was difficult to get a ticket, railway sector Zheng Jiao railway trips again be adjusted accordingly.

From July 15, C2921 Jiaozuo train station to Nanyang Walled station changed between the terminus of the Zhengzhou Railway Station, and increase Xiuwu West Railway Station, the Yellow River scenic station, canceled Nanyang Village Station, specific and time of Jiaozuo station 11:36 open 11:47 to Xiuwu West Railway Station, 11:58 to Wuzhi station, the Yellow River scenic station to 12:11, 12:30 to Zhengzhou Railway Station. The C2924 Nanyang Village train station to Jiaozuo between stations will also be changed from the Zhengzhou Railway Station of origin, specific and time of the Zhengzhou Railway Station  railway wagon 12:58 open 13:08 to Nanyang Village Station, Yellow River scenic station 13:20 to Wu Zhi station 13:33 to Xiuwu West Station 13:44, 13:58 to Jiaozuo station. Meanwhile, Nanyang Walled Jiaozuo station to station between C2923, C2926 will train outage.