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Zheng Jiao railway nice view out railway wagon the window
40 minutes, which is Zhengzhou and Jiaozuo distance. June 26, Zheng Jiao railway starter.  railway wagon Reporters have to take the first class from Zhengzhou to Jiaozuo high-speed rail, including the provincial leadership with more than 600 passengers, including together, to feel Zheng Jiao railway infinite charm.
railway wagon
    It works in Zhengzhou Cheng Pei and Li is a fan of Henan Daily, has been watching the news about the newspaper Zheng Jiao railways. June 25 at 12:30 pm, the network launched two of them to grab a ticket today, I got up early to experience the first episode was underway.

    Beijing Jiaotong University junior Reply to offer grew up is a "rail fans", as the school Railway Cultural Association president. Pony told reporters: "Zheng Jiao unique railway that tourism and cultural propaganda is booming, is in place for my future academic study provides an example."

    For frequent travelers Zhengzhou, Jiaozuo travel between the two places are concerned, take the high-speed rail than the crowded bus, open car to save a half hour. C2900 brush to the last second seat of Jiaozuo guy Feng Jie believes that the car clean and spacious, seating comfort and safety, sanitation simple warm themselves caught up trip "air beautiful ride."

    "Railway is also a tourist way, because the scenery and culture in the window." New Poplar Henan Intercity Railway Co., railway wagon  Ltd., general manager, said Zheng Jiao railway all the way through a number of famous scenic spots, after people go to the Yellow River scenic area, Yuntaishan, Qingtianhe other scenic tourist will be more convenient and faster.