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Zheng Jiao railway is expected June 1 opening and railway wagon operation of not less than 26 yuan fare
Core Tip | Zheng Jiao accompany the "fate" to be the same city. Zhengzhou and Jiaozuo a "Fast and Furious" blockbusters began to pull the curtain, one-stop direct just 36 minutes. Yesterday, the Zhengzhou Railway Bureau organized the first media test ride Zheng Jiao railway. According to reports, Zheng Jiao railway is expected June 1 opening and operation of the fare will follow accounting methods Cheng, intercity railway, the whole 27 yuan. Yuntaishan travel for passengers to go, can achieve zero change in Xiuwu railway wagon West Railway Station will take scenic tour bus.


The opening of the pre-planned opening line about 40 minutes a day five pairs of trains throughout the

In the media test ride events held in Zhengzhou Railway Bureau yesterday, the Dahe reporter to inquire into, Zheng Jiao railway is expected June 1 opened to traffic operations. In the pre-opening, Zheng Jiao two lines will be open five pairs of trains originating Zhengzhou Railway Station car every day 7:15, the last train for the 19:25; Jiaozuo stop sending cars to 9:57, the last bus is 19:12 points.

In addition, the road between Jiaozuo and Song Dynasty Kaifeng, there will also be train lines. However, the opening line of the number and the specific time in the railway sector finally announced prevail.

In the experience, Zhengzhou Railway Station to Station Jiaozuo one-stop direct time of 36 minutes. The future will be based on passenger traffic station stop or partially-stop, one-stop direct passenger is not in the pre-high in the case will not open the line.

As a province of the second inter-city railway, Zheng Jiao Zheng opened too similar. In the models, for example with reporters yesterday test ride C2900 EMU, and Cheng, intercity exactly the same system are CRH2A cars, each train marshalling 8, can accommodate 613 passengers, first-class seat capacity of 48 people, the second 565 seat capacity.

It is understood that a total length of 77.8 km railway Zheng Jiao, located in Zhengzhou, Begonia Temple (not for passenger services), Nanyang Village, the Yellow River area, Wuzhi Xiuwu West, Jiaozuo seven stations. Among them, the Jiaozuo station, Xiuwu West Station, Wuzhi stations, stations under the jurisdiction of the Yellow River scenic Jiaozuo Service Depot.


Referring Cheng, intercity rail pricing standards expected to be about 27 yuan

In general, according to the railway sector pricing standards, the domestic high-speed rail is 0.5 yuan per kilometer, due to the public interest and attract tourists to consider, the actual prices tend to be lower.

Henan Intercity Railway Co., said Cheng, intercity rail hit Qizhe, Zheng Jiao railway fares will be discounted. But Zheng Jiao rail pricing in two parts count, Nanyang Walled Zhengzhou Railway Station to the Beijing-Guangzhou line use existing lines, low cost, it is possible to start a five or six dollars.

Zheng Jiao railway Northern Line Command commander Shou Shan said, Zheng Jiao railway fares substantially in accordance with the accounting methods Cheng, intercity rail pricing. Currently, Cheng, intercity railway is 0.35 yuan per kilometer. Zheng Jiao total length of 77.8 km railway, the entire price of about 27 yuan. "It should not be less than $ 26, not more than 29 yuan." Official Henan Intercity Railway company said.

Newspaper survey Liu Cheng netizens feel "fare of your side"

27 yuan for the full fare, you think you do? Yesterday, the Dahe client, microblogging conducted a survey, about 63.64 percent of users believe your side, 30.58% of users do not feel expensive, and 5.79% of users believe does not matter.

User "Walker" that Cheng, a line is all new, while Zheng Jiao Beijing-Guangzhou railway line utilizes existing 9.65 km, the price should be lower.

User "Changchun China," said high fares, and will stay away from both the living area closer to the original intention, can not promote economic development. The lowest bidder, not necessarily a loss; prices do not necessarily make money.

However, there are many users said the fare is acceptable, it was considered cheaper than 36 yuan of long-distance bus, it was easy to think that as long as the line.

Zhengzhou Railway Station waiting room waiting third and fourth specialized services Zheng Jiao railway

"Where is the car in Zhengzhou city? Zhengzhou Railway Station Zhengzhou East Station is?" For many readers questions. Reporters learned that Zheng Jiao originating railway station in Zhengzhou Railway Station, the future may also be connected to the Zhengzhou East Railway Station.

According to the Zhengzhou Railway Station, the official said, the railway station for Zheng Jiao "discrimination", "waiting room as a third or fourth Zheng Jiao Intercity special waiting room, the wicket additional automatic ticket machines, will open a special channel to facilitate the passengers waiting ticket. "

Guests staying at the time of purchase, you can also purchase the special window, east window ticket hall on the 25th, the 26th ticket hall west Zheng Jiao railway ticket windows are designed mouth.

Terms of train stops at the platform of the station at 4 platform as the train specialized Zheng Jiao take down the site, and with the guidance system to ensure safety by lowering the rear passenger ticket.


When you can change the bus need to Yuntaishan Xiuwu West Station in thirty or forty minutes

Zheng Jiao passenger traffic for future analysis, many people told reporters: the outlook is quite good.

"Compared with Cheng, intercity railway, Zheng Jiao railway passenger flow is expected to be better." Stakeholders provincial capital railway company said. Reporters visited railway stations along the Zheng Kaesong found mainly in the two passenger Zhengzhou East Station and Song Cheng Road Station. But before passing railway Zheng Jiao Zhi Wu and Xiuwu counties, Wuzhi no railway, and Nanyang Village station is located in Zhengzhou city, the residents of radiation greater range. Therefore, the potential passenger stations along the Cheng, to be more than intercity rail.

In Xiuwu territory, the province has famous scenic Yuntaishan Scenic Spots. Visitors can xiuwu West Zheng Jiao railway station transfers, arrived Yuntaishan, it takes three to four minutes.

Reporter inquire into, West Point from Yuntaishan Xiuwu close, a total of 27.3 kilometers. The staff of the station Gu Qiang said that at present, Yuntaishan scenic tourist reception center has been set up at the door in the southeast corner of the station, ready to take advantage of the tourist bus shuttle tourists. The station is about 500 meters east of Xiuwu West, also a new bus station, there will be sent to the Yuntaishan scenic tourist bus.

Transfer Zhengzhou North, West Village can take high-speed rail to Nanyang

Zheng Coke after the opening of the railway operator, Zhengzhou North, Central and Western citizens do not have to take the high-speed rail to go long road - Zhengzhou North Station under the jurisdiction of Nanyang Walled station renovation and expansion project is completed, Zhengzhou public by the addition of a high-speed rail station.

It is understood, Nanyang Walled station in Guangzhou, Zheng Jiao railway junction, located near Zhengzhou Nanyang Road North Central Interchange, west of Beijing-Guangzhou Expressway, through the South Third Ring Road, north succession Huo high-speed, smooth all the way out of town. North Central Expressway across its station, convenient transportation, convenient passenger car, but also saves travel time.

On the platform of the station, the reporter saw being built in Zhengzhou City, the largest span overpass - the second phase of the Beijing-Guangzhou Expressway, Beijing-Guangzhou railway line under the bridge followed and even Huo Highway, Zhengzhou public can drive directly to the Nanyang Walled station take the high-speed rail travel.

A proposed multi CDB train station, across the line of cars

Cheng, intercity opened last year, inter-city Zhengzhou railway wagonairport to the upcoming opening of the end of the year, coupled with the upcoming opening line of Zheng Jiao railway, intercity railway province gradually into the net, around Zhengzhou, "one-hour economic living area" will also be formed, but also for across the line CDB facilitated.

Zhengzhou public Liu believes that the future can be more open line across the line cars, Zheng Jiao railway by Zhengzhou Railway Station and Zhengzhou-Xi'an high-speed rail is connected to carve lines Jiaozuo Luoyang, Xi'an train across the line, but also through the Zhengzhou East Railway Station and Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed rail connected, so you can consider opening line Jiaozuo to Beijing direction, EMU Wuhan direction.

Ms. Jiaozuo any proposal to open-line one-stop direct trips, after 36 minutes of the time advantage is the reason many people choose to Zheng Jiao railway, if time is too long, will lose part of the passenger.

Reporters found that, when Cheng, intercity just opened, station stop in more trips, after several months of operation, one-stop direct trips gradually increased. But the railway sector, a source said, is to take care railway wagon of passengers along the route, Zheng Jiao railway is expected we will not have a train station, in the middle will stop at least one station of the Yellow River scenic station, station stop can nurture, attract tourists along the various stations.