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Zheng Jiao railway wagon aside one hour to Zhengzhou branch Yuntaishan Yuntaishan
 ã€€Core Tip Zheng Jiao railway wagon FBI began to try, how to face the various stations along the route? Yesterday, the Dahe reporter Zheng Jiao railway wagon along the way to explore, visits the various stations.
  Each station is "hidden" very deep
  Around a little bit far, Tibet was a bit deep. Yesterday, the reporter visited Zheng Jiao railway wagon stations found, except for the first and last stop, in order to arrive at each station, had to keep asking the way, plus the navigation constantly broadcast.
  From the starting point of Zhengzhou railway wagon Station, the first stop is the Begonia Temple station, but the station does not handle passenger services, so reporters first came to Nanyang Village Station, North Third Ring Road, turning country, and then turn around and go back three or four one hundred meters, turn right and follow the navigation into a humble little alley, Nanyang Walled station in the innermost.
  The location of the Yellow River scenic station is hard to find, all the way north along the new country road, after passing through a family member courtyard, turn left over the railway wagon culvert, Yellow scenic station. Wu Zhi east from the station to the station, it costs a lot of twists and turns. Eventually, by asking Luke found a way to navigate xiuwu West railway wagon Station, which is located on the road bumper Xiuwu County, in the south Hancun.
  Now it seems that these stations are more "hidden", the surrounding supporting municipal roads has not been established.
  Most of the new site is almost complete
  Reporters yesterday also entered the Nanyang Village Station, Yellow River scenic station, Wu Zhi East Point, West Point xiuwu four new stations.
  Nanyang Walled station main project just completed, exterior has not been painted, floor tiles are laid, the various pipelines, equipment has not been installed. The other three stations, the main project has been completed, the decoration has been largely completed, elevators, gates have been admitted, waiting for installation. Beige facades, station hall ceilings, marble floors, has been completed, the image of several stations neat, plump.
  However, supporting the construction of the stations around the relatively slow. Nanyang Walled still muddy roads around the station, near the road and Wu Zhi East Station Square pavement is crashing. Station Road stations, squares and green lighting, bus schedule settings, not yet in place.
  Yuntaishan regional conditions have reserved
  After the Chengdu-Dujiangyan intercity rail service stations located along the Mount Qingcheng and Dujiangyan station, scenic and citizens have benefited more. Therefore, Zheng Jiao railway wagon construction, many readers are very concerned about the Yuntaishan area.
  Before there were media reports, Zheng Jiao railway wagon Yuntaishan cum Crescent Spur additional second lane project length of 36.6 kilometers, the investment 2.1 billion yuan, is connected with Jiaozuo Yuntaishan scenic tourist railway wagon line, after the completion of this extension, Yuntaishan from Zhengzhou to be less than one hour.
  Yesterday, the reporter did not see West Point Jiaozuo Xiuwu Yuntaishan before planning branch. Henan Intercity consulting firm to learn, xiuwu West Point has reserved Yuntaishan regional conditions, but construction did not know why.