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Urumqi South Beijing Railway Express railway wagon passenger trains will replace the body
BEIJING, Urumqi, June 16 (by Yan Wen Lu Lide Yong) reporter on the 16th learned from the Xinjiang railway sector, at 0:00 on July 1 onwards, Xinjiang railway sector will implement a new passenger train operation diagram. After adjustment  railway wagon Figure Urumqi south Beijing will replace the new vehicle trips instead Z180 / 79 times, the train originating station to open in time changed.
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It is understood, Z180 times from Urumqi South since July 1, Z179 times by the Beijing since July 3 opening line from the existing body of 25K to replace the power supply for 25T DC600V straight sets bandwagon end run. Z180 Urumqi train at South Station departure time is 18:05 open, than the current T178 times late opening 28 minutes, 9:36 to reach Beijing for the third day, the same with the current time of arrival, the entire running time than the existing Save 28 points; Z179 time in Beijing station departure time is 15:15, and the current T177 times the same driving time, arrived in Urumqi time is 6:20 the third day, the entire running time than the present to save 15 minutes (or more times are GMT) .

According to the Xinjiang railway passenger transport sector person in charge, 25T-type body is the attachment of Xinjiang Railway normal speed bus is the most advanced models, has run faster, run more stable, the interior facilities and equipment is more reasonable, humane, soft cars, dining car video system set up, each package room set up to four LED display, one for each bunk, the top ends of the dining car, railway wagon  each with a screen that can play recorded programs for travelers. All vehicles using vacuum toilet system, when going to the toilet can not solve the problem of passenger station stop, the car also has a science, special seat comfort with disabilities and special toilets for visitors travel to provide a more comfortable, safe travel environment.