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Typhoon expand Hangzhou Railway Station railway wagon and Hangzhou-Ningbo direction EMU train outage
 Hangzhou People July 11 electricity reporters learned from the Hangzhou Railway Station, due to typhoon might strengthen influence expand, has been the basis outage coastal passenger special EMU trains on the Hangzhou-Ningbo direction today ESOF (Hangzhou to Ningbo) Full EMU trains, specific trips are as follows:railway wagon
railway wagon
1. Tianjin West - Ningbo G51 / G52;

2. Beijing South - Ningbo G57 / G60, G59 / G58;

3. Hangzhou East - Beijing South G34 / G35;

4. Wuhan - Ningbo G581 / G584, G582 / G583, G600 / 597, G4592 / G4589, G4590 / G4591;

5. Ningbo - Shenyang North G1224 / G1221, G1222 / G1223;

6. Ningbo - Changsha South G1416 / 7, G1418 / 5;

7. Changsha South - Shanghai Hongqiao G1362, G1347;

8. Ningbo - Chongqing North D656 / D657, D658 / D655;

9. Ningbo - Shanghai Hongqiao G7502, G7512, G7522, G7507, G7517, G7527, G7503, G7508, G7509, G7514, G7515, G7518, G7519, G7520, G7524, G7529, G7530, G7532;

10. Ningbo - Nanjing South G7505, G7510, G7634, G7635, G7636, G7637, Ningbo - Nanjing G7582;

11. South Hefei - Ningbo G7595 / G7698, G7678 / G7675, G7676 / G7673;

12. Hangzhou East - Ningbo G7695;

13. Shanghai Hongqiao - Hangzhou East G9307;

14. Changzhou - Ningbo G7583 / G7582;

15. Xuzhou East - Ningbo G7589, G7590.

Purchased the above date, the outage trips ticket passengers  can within 5 days (including the day) to the station ticket refund procedures, and there is no change in the Internet ticket booking, refund passengers can also be handled in accordance with the provisions on 12306 .

Railway authorities reminded passengers, concerned about the announcement and the railway wagon  railway station official microblogging, micro letter published information, or call the customer service hotline 12306 railway train outage information so that itinerary well in advance