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Travel New fashion Xinjiang railway wagon Railway opened one hundred tourist train
Reporters learned from the Uganda Railway Board, CDB tourist train include: ho "Lavender" train 2, June 12, June 19 opening line of each one, running section of Urumqi south - between Yining.

Zhaosu "Pegasus · canola flower 'line 51 on July 1 - August 20 opening line of one per day, railway wagon to process Urumqi West Railway Station of origin, via Kuitun, cloth out open, Yining, the terminus for the Hall fruit Sri Lanka; return Horgos station of origin, via Yining, Kuitun, Urumqi West Railway Station and finish at the Urumqi South Railway Station.

"Great beauty of Xinjiang," tourist train 7 9 - October 7th row a weekly basis, a total of 12 runs west section of Urumqi - Beitun city - Yining - Urumqi South Room.

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To meet the Kanas Lake and the surrounding scenic tourist passenger car demand, July 20 to August 31 during the day, black iron Bureau will open the line the next day a south Urumqi - Beitun City between tourist train, a total of 22, to process via Shihezi, Shawan, Kuitun, Karamay, Fuhai station; return via Karamay, Kuitun, Sandy Bay, Shihezi, Urumqi West Railway Station.

Tourist train above are evening-morning train all use sleeper body (points double sleeper cars and single sleeper cars, three kinds of soft vehicle), visitors places the train at night, during the day and look at the scenery, comfortable and economical.

From May 29, Xinjiang Urumqi South Railway will add open - "Weekend EMU" Hamilton between five plus weekly open Hami, Urumqi south D9966 times a week, plus six open Hami to Urumqi South D9965 times, Urumqi, Hami south D9968 times, every Sunday plus open Hami to Urumqi South D9967 times.

"Weekend EMU" D9966 five times a week from Urumqi South Railway Station 18:21 distribution of vehicles, arrived at 21:46 that night Hami; D9965 six times a week from 10:00 Hamilton station departure, the day 13:26 arrived in Urumqi South Railway Station . D9968 times 16:50 departure from Urumqi South Railway Station, arrived at 20:15 that night Hami; D9967 times every Sunday 15:55 to drive from Hamilton Station, the day 19:21 arrived in Urumqi South Railway Station.

According to the Ukrainian Railway Administration Passenger Transport department responsible person, according to the actual situation of the Urumqi Railway Bureau, in September and October continue to increase in the tourist train to break.

In addition, the Urumqi Railway Bureau also plans to open the line south of Urumqi - Dunhuang (Liuyuan) - Xi'an "Orient Express" 6; Urumqi South - Zhangjiajie, Guilin, Wuyishan, Zhangzhou East (Taiwan), Shenzhen and other places of tourist train 14.

National railway sector since the end of May will  railway wagon open the line of not less than 20 tourist train into Xinjiang, organizations across the country to Xinjiang tourists sightseeing.

Since July 1, Xinjiang railway will implement a new train diagram, after the end of June "Weekend EMU" runtime announced separately.