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Tianjin Airport Rail Link project railway wagon has entered the construction phase
Recently we learned that the Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Airport introduced line of the airport area was officially entered the construction phase on the 27th of this month. After the completion of the line from Beijing South Railway Station Beijing-Tianjin Intercity trains take about 45 minutes for easy access to the Tianjin airport terminal.

Tianjin Airport Rail Link project is the Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway extension line in Tianjin to Tianjin Binhai International Airport hub of regional, project is located in Tianjin Dongli District and the airport economic zone. Line extension line from  railway wagon Tianjin inter-city West line that leads to the airport, after the Beijing-Tianjin Intercity extension line to ease the introduction of the ground, along the main road planning Dongli District, Tianjin foreshore beneath the highway, off to the northwest, parallel Airport Planning The second runway, the airport planning next three terminals, the introduction of airport rail station is located at the center - the airport station, line length of 8.45 kilometers. Stations along the line a - Tianjin Airport Station.

May 20 14:00 pm, the airport organized the airport railway project to connect the 2nd Shield Well wall construction will start. Tianjin Branch of the Civil Aviation Air, Airbus, Tianjin airport planning department, quality Abe, command centers, airfield Ministry headquarters and the airport line construction, supervision and other units responsible person to attend the meeting.
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Construction unit of the construction area, construction period, the construction process in particular, construction equipment height and other issues in detail. Because of the construction area near the outside of the southern tip of eastern runway around the world, in the approach surface and take-off climb east side of the runway and construction equipment over eastern runway clearance height obstacle limitation surfaces to control the height, so the need to close the eastern runway construction. Participants of the important issues the parties involved in airport operations safety and eastern runway closure in-depth discussion and study, meeting clearly eastern runway closure time, eastern runway closed set of related marks identified the Airbus flight test, construction site supervision, communication pre-construction safety training methods and other matters.

At present, Tianjin airport ground transportation center planned for the three inter-city rail transit and a railway line, and in Terminal 2 on the north side and out of the port of Square, under the underground station. Among them, the Airport Terminal 2 together enable the airport Metro Line 2 extension line, the future passengers direct access to the airport from the Tianjin Railway Station, the other two rail transit line for the reservation, including the connection from the Wuqing Metro Airport, then Beitang of the City to the main trunk line Z2, and C2 line to the airport as a starting point connection port direction. Intercity rail line will be built to high-speed rail into the airport to Tianjin airport to the center of the integrated transport hub, will effectively contribute to the expansion of the scope of services Tianjin Airport,  railway wagon  Tianjin and lay the foundation for collaborative collection and distribution of airport ground transportation system, promote the integration of Beijing, Tianjin Regional Airport Group.