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The total increase iron railway land conservation railway wagon efforts to ensure the monitoring in place
Legal Network News reporter Liang Shibin increase railway land conservation efforts to ensure the monitoring in place,  railway wagon regulation in place to protect the place. Recently, the China Railway Company held a teleconference land, deploy land management.

It is understood that since last year, the whole way the land sector to actively adapt railway diversified business development needs, and strive to promote the work, land tenure management has been significantly strengthened law covering remediation clean-effective, efficient use of land assets to a new height, authorized to operate to achieve substantive results.
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For the problem and the current form of work is facing land, the next step should focus on doing what work? China Railway Company claim, the work focused on completing the authorized operation, unswervingly adhere to the established objectives and ensure the flow of information, while increasing supervision efforts. Improve the quality of management of land ownership, improve and do a better job tenure is indeed the right license and accelerate cadastral records management professional, information technology, strengthen guidance to the construction sites, and constantly improve the level of management ownership, railway wagon  improve land use efficiency and effectiveness, strengthen land management ranks.