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The national railway public railway wagon security organs cracked drug cases since 5528
Xinhua Beijing June 25 electricity reporters on the 25th from Railway Public Security Bureau was informed that the national railway public security organs cracked since late last year only 5528 drug cases, arrested 4,622 suspects, smashed 11 gangs, and railway wagon seized various types of drugs 591 kg, a heavy blow to the arrogance of drug crimes.
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According to reports, to combat the drug problem, Railway Public Security Bureau requires railway public security organs at all levels to strengthen police training from the start, by focusing on education, on-site training, job competition and other forms of extensive identification, drug discovery skills education. Regular analysis of the characteristics of drug-related crimes judged to determine the focus of the station, focusing train. For clues and uncovered cases found throughout the railway public security organs in a timely manner to deploy elite forces, comprehensive use of various investigative measures, along the line to pursue, to increase efforts to crack down on drug-related crimes.

Meanwhile, police also organized around the railway police station deep into the square, the ticket office, waiting room, passenger train and railway station segment team, through the dissemination of information, case reviews, legal interpretation, video  railway wagon commercials and other forms, the majority of visitors to the masses and extensive staff knowledge of the anti-drug propaganda.