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The first release of its own railway railway wagon Shenhua down posture transition plan
Sichuan territorial waters, because when the people of Chongqing rail transit and intercity mob, the Shenhua Group Corporation Limited (the "Shenhua Group") has quietly open-owned railway line, opened Fugu letter agreed to Xi'an Railway Passenger Cars.

However, according to "China Business" reporter learned exclusively, although Shenhua and Shaanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission has agreed to the plan, China Railway Corporation under the Xi'an Railway    railway wagon   Bureau have disputed this specific program is still being finalized. This means that, Fugu to Xi'an passenger rail remains a real opening.

For a long time, Fugu Shenmu North Station rail coal line moon belongs to Shenhua, and Shenmu to Xi'an as the national railway line, Shenmu Shenmu Station to North Station railway has also been communicated. But in reality, as China Railway Company-owned national railway and Shenhua coal line management system is different, has failed to achieve the two railway passenger connections, forming what is now "there is no way bus" situation.
 railway wagon
Fenwei Energy coal analyst Wang Xufeng said the program can ease the relationship between the central enterprises in some places to get local government support. On the other hand, it also reflects, in the last two years the coal industry downturn, coal enterprises since the beginning of the transition plan with local governments to find new cooperation opportunities.

Fugu opened to Xi'an Passenger

May 15 initial public "Shenhua Group Corporation Shaanxi Provincial Development and Reform Please turn Fugu-Xi'an Railway Passenger reply" display: Shenhua has agreed to the opening of Fugu-Xi'an Railway Passenger. CDB bus only 1 pair, stop limited Shenmu and Fugu Station North Station, the runtime can not Shenshuo Datong railway branch line has been opened to Shenmu North bus conflict. And the program will be Shenhua Railway Branch is responsible for the implementation of the new moon.

Reporters learned from official Fugu County, students are currently Fugu in Xi'an universities and elementary, junior and senior high school up to 5700 people, workers in southern Shaanxi Fugu, Shaanxi membership of 2.4 million people, up to 30,000 passengers per year passengers, many travelers eager to open Fugu passenger train to Xi'an.

Fugu County, an official told reporters that from Fugu to Xi'an, to take a passenger bus to Shenmu City, then take the train to Xi'an. Due to the limited road transport capacity, resulting in Fugu people go to the provincial capital of Xi'an is very inconvenient.

Shenshuo independent operation of the railway by the Shenhua Group from Datong to Shenmu North passenger line has been opened for many years. Currently Shenmu Shenmu North Station to station lines have also been paved, that is, people can take the train to Fugu Shenmu North, then take Shenmu Shenmu North Station to Station and then take the train to Xi'an Shenmu.

"The transfer of the route is very complicated, in addition to the time the node is different." The official said, Datong 4629 train station to Shenmu Shenmu North Station to North Station time is 13:21, the tree stand to Xi'an train station the day of the first departure time is 19:50, and from Shenmu Shenmu North Station to station for half an hour at most, which have more than six hours in the middle of blank time, inconvenience trip, so hardly anyone choose to travel.

On the other hand, Shenmu Shenmu Station to North Station railway has also been communicated, therefore, Shenhua Group will Fugu Shenshuo railway line and north to Shenmu Shenmu to Xi'an railway line through the country once through, will be smooth all the way do not transfer situation.

In reality, this seemingly "deserved" the program is very tortuous. From January 2015, the relevant departments in Fugu County, Shaanxi Province Development and Reform Commission request for the program,    railway wagon   led and coordinated the Shenhua Group, Xi'an Railway Bureau, and other interested parties, hoping that the early opening of the line.

Reporters from the person at the railway Shenshuo unnamed informed that although the Shenhua Group has agreed, Shaanxi Province Development and Reform Commission also expressed support, but so far Xi'an Railway Bureau have disputed this specific program is still being finalized.

At present, Xi'an Railway Bureau did not respond on the matter.

Shenhua down posture transition plan

Since the beginning of the second half of 2012, coal prices all the way down, the golden years of the coal industry has already gone. But in many coal enterprises have shouted losses, pay cuts attrition when sitting quality coal resources, power, railways, ports, shipping Shenhua suffered the impact was minimal, its 2014 annual exclusive 90 large coal enterprises total profit of nearly Jiucheng.

Even so, "coal boss" can not stay. Shenhua Group first quarter net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company only 5.69 billion yuan, up sharply down 45.1%.