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Thailand does not have to railway wagon just stare at a railway cooperation
Simpler than the number does not make sense

Literally, Thailand railway cooperation seems to be only one line, railway wagon  while Japan and Thailand have three, seems to meet the Japanese had "at all costs to win high-speed rail project in Thailand," the goal. However, Thailand is a north-south cooperation in the line of the trunk, long distance. More importantly, this route will be a core component of the future of China in Indochina and Southeast Asian countries into the development of the regional rail network, which is the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Foreign Affairs jointly issued in March this year on the Silk Road "Vision and Action" document strategies mentioned: the implementation of the interconnection project will result in the line of play, all bets are live performance. In view of this, Bangkok - Nong Khai line will adopt China in the international arena pushing the gauge, lay the foundation for future networking. So, simply amount to the line on the winning or losing does not make sense.
railway wagon
But political instability in Thailand to make this a win-win cooperation program contracted battle colors. British pull in office, the TEDA has become "iron rice exchange" program. It's just kind of image of the argument, the high-speed railway construction involving high finance, where a simple "barter" can include the? But the British step down, she was blamed many decisions, even become the object of political struggle, it does not mean "iron rice-for" and even Thailand Thailand does not meet the interests of railway cooperation.

No need to over-politicized

In Twyman Valley - Nong Khai line speed of 180 km will be used "in the high iron", and the Chinese people's minds more than 250 kilometers per hour "real" high-speed rail seems to be some gaps. And as Bangkok, Thailand, Japan and Cooperation - Chiang Mai lines, because tourism is mainly an estimated speed Shinkansen standards should be achieved.

However, these are legends in the competition and should not have anything to do with Japan, is based entirely on practical arrangements need to be made, no need to over-politicized. Since Thailand cooperation is part of the line network throughout the region, it will not develop high standards in terms of speed, this will help in the future to connect Laos and Vietnam as well as Singapore, Malaysia, China and Southeast Asia eventually built the railway wagon  giant rail network, for the benefit of regional countries and peoples. China's advantage is that Japan can never match.

Thailand is a close neighbor of China, known in Thai family argument. It is foreseeable that, in support of the two peoples, the Thai Government's cooperation between the two countries will be able to continue to flourish, bear rich fruit.