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Thai scholar the Kunming-Bangkok  railway wagon highway and railway to boost Sino-Thai bilateral regional cooperation in a comprehensive upgrade
Xinhua Kunming, June 25 (Reporter Huai-Rock) "'along the way' cooperation initiatives in Thailand and ASEAN integration background" Seminar held in Kunming 24th. The experts and scholars believe that, with the escalation of the Kunming-Bangkok highway, the implementation of the old railway and railway construction in Thailand, friendly contacts and economic and trade cooperation between China and Thailand will be  railway wagon on the stage, to create "an amicable, secure and prosperous neighborhood." model, to jointly promote "along the way" construction and the fate of Asia community building.
railway wagon
Organized by the Consulate-General of Thailand in Kunming, Yunnan Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Southeast Asia, Thailand's Chulalongkorn University Jura global network of organizations, jointly organized by the Asia Research Institute at Chulalongkorn University.

At the seminar, from the Thai Consulate General in Kunming, Yunnan Academy of Social Sciences, Chulalongkorn University, and International Regional Cooperation Office and the Foreign Affairs Office of Yunnan, Kunming Pan-Asian transport and logistics Institute, Yunnan University, Yunnan Normal University and other relevant bodies 30 More than experts, scholars and government officials around China's "along the way" initiative, the ASEAN economic community building, ASEAN regionalization of old and new participants and their influence, the Kunming-Bangkok highway construction achievements, problems and challenges facing the problems and prospects , conducted in-depth discussion.

The experts and scholars believe that this year both the Jubilee of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties, China is also "along the way" in the implementation of the initiative, but also coincided with the expected completion of the ASEAN Economic Community and Thailand cooperation is facing a rare historical opportunity. That "along the way" initiative, highlighting a new era of China's peripheral diplomacy "pro, honesty, Hui, allow" new ideas, to strengthen regional cooperation has provided a new platform.

Yunnan Academy of Social Sciences, deputy director of the Institute of Southeast Asia with Ning Lei pointed out that Thailand is the land of ASEAN and the ASEAN maritime natural meeting point, with great potential in promoting "along the way" building. Currently, the "Sino-Thai family" concept has become firmly rooted in the two countries, Sino-Thai cooperation in broad areas, there is a close relationship of cooperation in the fields of tourism, trade, agricultural, human resources, energy, and education.

April 2004, Yunnan - Cooperation Working Group set up in northern Thailand, the two sides conducted consultations on trade and economic cooperation, tourism, social development, transport infrastructure, to further accelerate the bilateral railway wagon  cooperation process; in 2008, the Kunming-Bangkok highway over 1800 km all through, become connected to Yunnan, China and Southeast Asian countries, a major thoroughfare.

Will work with experts we believe that the Kunming-Bangkok highway and is promoting the implementation of the Sino-Thai railway, not only to boost Sino-Thai bilateral regional cooperation in a comprehensive upgrade, but also the surrounding radiation driven national development, promote the countries to share the fruits of development in the region.