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Thai Ambassador to China: Thai double-track railway wagon railway project will be the end of the foundation
BEIJING, June 11 Harbin (Reporter Sheng Wang Dongliang clear) Royal Thai Ambassador Le Ti Ni Yong Kun · 11 in Harbin to attend the "investment environment in Thailand and New Investment Policy 2015" promotion, in after answer News  railway wagon Agency reporter's question, Ti Le Kun · Ni Yong said that China and Thailand double-track railway project will be the end of this year the foundation, the smooth progress of the project marks a whole "export" standard Chinese railway has become the world of learning. " Template. "
railway wagon
Thai railway cooperation project in October 2013 by the two prime ministers signed a memorandum, due to political unrest in Thailand, cooperation was once overshadowed, until December 19, 2014, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and Thai Prime Minister signed the Pakistan Fertility two memoranda, after a lapse of one year after the Thai railway cooperation re-open, the line is positioned as a quasi-high-speed rail passenger and cargo, can give the Thai trade offer new channels, but can also be formed from Kunming to Laos and then Thailand tourism gold lines.

Le Royal Thai Ambassador ti · NI Yong-kwan told BEIJING when promotion conference held in Harbin told reporters that "investment environment in Thailand and New Investment Policy 2015", China and Thailand-track railway project is progressing well, and Thailand The two leaders will attend the groundbreaking ceremony at the end of the project, the railway link between China and Southeast Asia is an important transport corridors, railway wagon at the same time, the two sides have successfully started double-track railway project, also marks the Chinese Railways whole "export" Standard has become the world's industrial output, "the model." (End)