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Storm Lee caused Chongqing Chongqing North Railway railway wagon Station interrupt passengers stranded
Yesterday 13:49, @ Southwest Railways in Sina Bo: by continuous heavy rain Fuling regional influence, Lee Yu railway traffic interruption between Fuling to Icheon, currently the railway sector is the emergency recovery, via Chongqing Railway passenger train outage Lee shorten the running section or circuitous run. Affected, including D2264 train more than 200 passengers.

Passengers stranded North Square

20:00, Chongqing North Railway Station North Plaza lights turn on, lights sitting in front of more than two hundred North Plaza silhouette. "Some people have gone, the plane of the plane, which take other flights left the train." One passenger stranded in the North Plaza said.

200 people are D2264 train (Chengdu East - Hangzhou East) travelers, suffering continuous torrential rains temporarily stranded Fuling area.

A female passenger sat on the floor, open a bag of chicken wings to eat. Many tourists flock five, three circle, with large bags of luggage, sitting on the ground north of the square. Chen Lu from Hubei said, according to plan, he was supposed to arrive yesterday 18:00 Hankou, who knows the purpose of his moving car after 9:00 collected from Chengdu East Railway Station, stop and go all the way, after nearly seven hours and finally arrived Chongqing North Railway Station, "a female staff member wearing a blue uniform arrangements for us in the waiting hall."

19:00 too, Chen Lu and the other passengers were told ready to board the bus, the train station will arrange free to send them to Yichang.

8:40 last night, Chen Lu and the other passengers watched in silence waiting room bulletin board. Is displayed on an electronic screen, more trains are running all the red "outage."

Ongoing tension repair

Last night, the Chongqing Morning News reporters Yu Chongqing and Huo Jubei station to get in touch. Staff said, D2264 train because Fuling heavy rains leading to traffic disruption, ongoing repairs, so impassable, according to relevant regulations,  railway wagon travel affected passengers, did not take fully refundable fare zone, but due to natural Disaster belong unpredictable situation, therefore, unable to give the relevant compensation. When to repair the end, we need to wait for further notice.
railway wagon
Bus company evacuation of passengers

Yesterday, by the Chongqing Lee interrupted railway traffic, along the train outage impact, Chongqing North Railway Station North Square appeared passengers stranded.

Train outage due to the evacuation, return and retention Chongqing North Railway Station North Square of travelers, the city bus company on the one hand the two rivers has increased the frequency of public transport 663,665 road density, on the other hand, transferred from other lines of transport capacity to support the North Plaza the work. In addition, the bus company and the railway link, arrange bus shuttle will transport guests to the Chongqing North Railway Station South Square Hotels. As of 8:00 last night, two rivers bus company successfully completed the evacuation of stranded passengers, passengers evacuated nearly 1,000 hotel shuttle bus guests were more than 400 people.

Today, part of the train outage

Yesterday, the Chengdu Railway Bureau informed that, today, the Shanghai Hongqiao to Chongqing North D2216 / 7, Chongqing, Hangzhou, east to North D2246 / 7, Fuzhou and Chongqing North D2226 / 7, Guangzhou, Chengdu, south east G312 / 3, Wuhan and Chengdu East D366 / 7, Wuhan and Chengdu D632 / 3, Hankou to Chongqing North D2251, Wuhan and Chongqing North D2276 / 7, Nanjing, Chongqing North D2255 south outage.

Another 12 trains shorten the run section. railway wagon  Chengdu to Beijing West Z50, Chengdu East - Changsha K504 times to Suining diverted after reaching line, Dhawan line operation.