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Stealing and selling 1.8 railway wagon tons of zinc ingots railway yard
Newspaper Qingdao June 11 (Reporter correspondent Liu Yang Wentao officer) after two months of investigation hunt, 11th, green iron railway police in one fell swoop destroyed theft Lou Hill Station Yard 1.8 tons of zinc ingots large criminal gangs and six criminal eight of the suspects involved in the case, involving about 50,000. Currently, six suspects have all been brought to justice.

11, green iron railway police in one fell swoop railway wagon destroyed theft Lou Hill Station Yard 1.8 tons of zinc ingots large criminal gang. The gang of six people, eight of the alleged theft, involving about 50,000. According to Qingdao Railway Police reports, April 12 6:00 pm, at the city of Shenyang, Qingdao Railway Police Station police station received a report, said Lou hill station located in the railway yard of 1.8 tons of zinc ingots stolen. After the scene, railway police learned the suspect sneaked over Lou Hill station yard, loaded on a truck yard 18 shares of a total weight of about 1.8 tons of zinc ingots 84, take the "ant" smuggled out of the way Station area, and three-wheeled motorcycle with a batch away. Mopai through visits, police investigators found close to the yard in Qingdao, a unit of temporary workers hired Xu, a major suspect. Under questioning, Xu confessed to the theft of zinc, together with others of crimes.
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According to Xu accountable for their work units near Lou Hill garages, and offices on the second floor, Gechuang can be clearly observed unloading rail transport of goods within Lou Hill Station yard fence situation. Xu Chang Huai Zeixin always pay attention to the work on the occasion of the situation in the cargo storage yard, looking for crime opportunities. April 11, 23 am, Xu is the night shift found a truck loaded with zinc field stop purchase 18 shares, because zinc uncovered tarp, so Xu see real, immediate telephone notification villagers living in the surrounding Liu, Liu convened by associates of Lee, Wu over the wall into the yard, Xu collusion in the wall, after the implementation of the four common theft by Ryu driving three-wheeled motorcycle transported in batches zinc fence.

May 27, police learned that the suspect Liu sneak into Qingdao, Liu captured in the rented room. Subsequently, police account of the facts of the crime according to Liu, which associates Lee, Wu and received stolen Zhao suspects,railway wagon Liu XX arrest.

After the Railway Police and the local public security organs and case series, the suspect Liu tangled Lee, Wu, also has seven implement Daoge cable in Qingdao City, theft steel crime.