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State Forestry Commissioner Shanghai Office Taizhou section of Nanjing-Qidong railway supervision railway wagon of forest land use situation
On May 23-24, the State Forestry Administration, Office of the Commissioner of inspection teams line of Shanghai to Taizhou city Jiangyan district supervision Nanjing-Qidong railway use woodland situation.railway wagon Provincial Forest Resources Management Office, accompanied by relevant personnel, Taizhou City Forestry Bureau and Jiangyan District Government, Forestry and responsible persons in charge of the unit.
Vice Mayor Wang Ping jiangyan district reported the situation of forest resources protection and management of the region and the Nanjing-Qidong railway to the use of forest land requisition inspection teams. Nanjing-Qidong railway grabbing a total land area of ​​8.5554 hectares jiangyan district, District Forestry in forest land use in the course of the project, fully perform its regulatory duties, earnestly carry out the investigation along, inspections and public education, a solid job of off-site vegetation restoration work. Inspection team by listening to the reports, read accounting, field surveys and other means, the use of forest land for the project area, the scope, purpose, etc. and the surrounding forest and wildlife protection measures to be checked. Inspection team believes, Taizhou, Jiangyan district two forestry administrations in the course of the project using forest conscientiously perform their duties, to assist the procedures for the use of forest land, effectively strengthening the monitoring, solid job in the off-site restoration work.
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In recent years, under the guidance of the concern of national, provincial forestry authorities, Taizhou City, protection and management of forest resources has made some achievements. Taizhou Forestry will be the inspection as an opportunity to further promote "eco-city, Taizhou green" construction, efforts to improve the working mechanism, innovative ideas measures, increasing forest land and forest resources, legal protection and management, enhance the management of forestry afforestation level, railway wagon to create a good environment for the comprehensive development of Taizhou advance to a new level, and write a chapter in the development of green.