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State Department pushing railways and railway wagon other building materials industries go out 12

State Department recently released the "Guidance on capacity and promote international cooperation in equipment manufacturing." As the current and future periods to promote international co-production and equipment manufacturing guidance document, "opinion" clearly, to developing countries as a key country, and actively explore the markets of developed countries,   railway wagon    the iron and steel, nonferrous metals, building materials, railways, electricity, chemical, textile, automotive, communications, engineering machinery, aerospace, shipbuilding and marine engineering industries as the focus, classification implemented in an orderly way.
railway wagon
"Opinions" to promote international co-production and equipment manufacturing, it is to maintain China's rapid growth and the level of the economy towards the end of major initiatives in favor of the implementation of "along the way", a major strategic Central Africa "one of the three networks' cooperation . Strive to 2020, and focused on the capacity of national essential to establish mechanisms for cooperation, a number of key production cooperation projects made significant progress, the formation of a number of overseas production cooperation demonstration bases.

"Opinions" of the main tasks was established as: to promote energy cooperation in the iron and steel, nonferrous metals industry of foreign production; to carry out the building materials trade advantages capacity for international cooperation; speed rail "going out" pace, expand rail transportation equipment international market; vigorously develop and implement overseas power projects; strengthen overseas resource development, promote foreign investment key chemical areas; improve light level of international cooperation in the textile industry; through overseas factories, etc., to speed up its own brand cars to the international market; improve the international competitiveness of information and communication industry; promote engineering machinery manufacturing enterprises to improve global business network; promote aerospace equipment exporting; explore the ship and marine engineering equipment high-end market.

"Opinions" also requires, while continuing to play the traditional contracting advantages, give full play to capital, technology advantages of the Chinese, actively carry out "project financing contract +", "+ contracting + financing operation" and other cooperation, the project encourages the use of the conditional build - operate - transfer (BOT),  railway wagon  the government and the social capital of cooperation (PPP) and other means. Improve the financial and tax policies, to play the role of concessional loans, increase financial support for efforts to play an active role in RMB internationalization, expanding financing sources of funds, increase equity investment sources, to strengthen and improve the export credit insurance.
railway wagon
Agricultural Bank of China chief economist Jo to the song that since a lot of "along the way" along the countries with the development of the short board in infrastructure, international production and equipment manufacturing and other fields, to improve the demand urgent to promote China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry "going out" can improve the image of Chinese manufacturing, while a portion of the effective capacity transferred out, but also to resolve the overcapacity problem currently facing the Chinese economy.

BOCI machinery industry analyst Yang Shaohui believe that these favorable policies covering 12 categories of key industries, especially in the field of railway, construction machinery, and electric power. Yangshao Hui pointed out that the railway, the current foreign high-speed rail plans to build mileage 59,000 km, building plans China expected to participate in nearly 60%, and the Sino-Thai railway, Russia high-speed rail is progressing well, the future of Singapore - Kuala Lumpur high-speed rail, the Sino-Indian high-speed rail is worth the wait ; engineering machinery, China's construction machinery exports now account for a smaller share of overseas markets,   railway wagon    overseas demand for construction machinery to provide incremental contribution; electricity, the huge cost of Chinese power equipment market space, nuclear and wind power "sea" of the relevant industry companies pulling greater effect, the moment the way the railway wagon  world's leading export UHV technology has also been opened, overseas high-profit new blue ocean with their own technology, electrical equipment will open.