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Small Dragon Boat Festival holiday Xinjiang railway is railway wagon expected to send 29 million passengers
People Urumqi, June 16 (by Han Ting) in June, Xinjiang has entered a golden tourist season, many tourists choose the Dragon Boat Festival holiday travel, enjoy a taste of the beautiful scenery in Xinjiang. Mainland provinces and Xinjiang into Xinjiang tourism tourist traffic also will be gradually increased. Reporters on the 16th from the Xinjiang railway department was informed that the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival holiday  railway wagon will usher in a new round of peak passenger flow is expected to send 29 million passengers, compared with the same period in 2014, an increase of 19.8%. To ensure guests of all nationalities during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday travel demand, Xinjiang Urumqi railway authorities have plans to open between south EMU Hami pair.
railway wagon
It is understood that the Xinjiang railway transport 2015 Dragon Boat Festival period from June 19 to June 22. Dragon Boat Festival railway passenger flow will border to visit relatives, business flow based. Because Dongjiang Hami EMU trains, northern direction "Northern Star" train lines have opened last year, Urumqi, Xinjiang to the east, the direction of the northern railway transport capacity to be expanded.

In order to ensure smooth travel Dragon Boat Festival holiday travelers, Xinjiang railway is scheduled to open June 22 plus Hami, Urumqi south of D9970 / 69 EMU 1 pair. EMU trains CRH5G body type, capacity 613 people. Urumqi, Hami south D9970 train from Urumqi South Railway Station 10:10 departure, 13:35 arrival Hami; Hami to Urumqi South D9969 train station 15:55 departure from Hamilton, 19:21 arrived in Urumqi south. Plus start car tickets from June 17 onwards.

Furthermore, in order to best meet the needs of the southern and northern direction in passenger travel during the Dragon Boat Festival, June 19, 20, 21, 22, four days time, the railway sector will be in Figure 4 railway wagon on the tube train set each plus a sleeper car hanging supplementary transport capacity, including Urumqi, Hotan south of 7562/3 times, Urumqi south Alashankou 5801 times, 5815 times, K9791 Urumqi Urumqi city south south Beitun Horgos second, to add a total of 24 hard drive.