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Sino Indian border railway wagon meeting point will be set up to participate in China and India in the border railway projects
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in Beijing's Great Hall with visiting Indian Prime Minister Modi met with reporters. Xinhua News Agency
Yesterday, the Indian Prime Minister's visit to railway wagon  China the next day trip Modi open. Yesterday morning, Premier Li Keqiang held talks at the Great Hall with Indian Prime Minister Modi. After the talks, the two leaders witnessed the signing of the railway, mining, education, aerospace, quality, film, oceanography,  railway wagon seismology sciences and political parties, think tanks, regional exchanges and other 24 cooperation documents. In a joint statement released yesterday in China and India, and India agreed to seek a political settlement of the border issue, the two countries agreed to establish a border meeting point in each segment Indian border.
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India Joint Declaration commitment to finding a political solution to the border issue
1 political trust
India will seek to turn the armed forces headquarters hotline
The statement pointed out that China and India leaders agreed to maintain frequent high-level exchanges and make full use of existing dialogue mechanisms to strengthen communication with each other. The two sides decided in each other country an additional Consulate General. China will open the Consulate General in Chennai, India to open consulate general in Chengdu. Both sides confirmed that an early settlement of the boundary issue in line with the fundamental interests of both countries, the efforts of the two governments to achieve strategic objectives.
The two sides resolved to actively seek a political settlement of the border issue at an early date to find a fair, reasonable and mutually acceptable solutions to border issues. Positive affirmative action agreements and protocols already signed by the two sides to maintain peace and tranquility in the border areas has played, is committed to strengthening border cooperation and strive to open a hotline between the two armed forces headquarters, set up a meeting in the paragraphs border Sino-Indian border
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Both sides would like a positive attitude to resolve the outstanding differences, including differences on the boundary issue. He said differences should not hinder the sustainable development of bilateral relations. Peace and tranquility in the border areas of bilateral relations and an important guarantee sustained growth. In the final settlement of the boundary question, both sides committed to the implementation of existing agreements and to continue its efforts to maintain peace and tranquility in the border areas.
2 Economic and Trade Cooperation
India will collaborate research high-speed rail project in India statement said both China and India that in recent years bilateral trade and investment growth between the two countries to promote the overall development of bilateral relations, and for the economic growth and development of both countries to provide support. In this context, both sides agreed to take the necessary measures to eliminate barriers to bilateral trade and investment, support for the two countries to strengthen trade and investment on local exchanges, including Indian medicine, Indian information technology services, tourism, textiles and agricultural products.
Both sides are determined to take measures to alleviate the imbalance in bilateral trade problems and achieve sustainable development of bilateral trade. These measures include further strengthen drug regulation (including registration), to speed up negotiations on the inspection and quarantine of agricultural products in the Indian mutual lose, Indian IT companies to strengthen business ties with China to promote tourism, film, healthcare, information technology and logistics services industry trade. The two leaders of the two sides to carry out measures to railway cooperation taken and is satisfied with the progress made, including India Chennai - Bangalore - Mysore road speed, Delhi - that high-speed rail feasibility study, and worship Yapa that Harry station redevelopment planning, railway wagon  heavy transport training and the establishment of cooperative railway university areas; action plan for the next phase of cooperation agreed upon in this important field of railway infrastructure welcomed.