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Railway repair personnel have worked continuously reopened Lou Shao railway wagon Luoyang-Zhanjiang railway section collapse danger
BEIJING, June 23, Guangzhou (by Guo Jun Chen Xia owei Xu Deng Union) reporter 23 learned from the railway sector, the day 6:00, after China Railway Construction 25th Bureau Group, a company project department Lou Shao 350 rescue railway wagon workers have worked continuously for 40 hours, landslides danger Lou Shao Luoyang-Zhanjiang railway segment to double Itabashi mountain tea interval happen to be lifted.
railway wagon
It is understood that in recent days, Hunan Province hit by heavy rains in many areas there have been varying degrees of flooding. At 11:20 on June 21, the main artery in the Area - the Luoyang-Zhanjiang railway Lou Shao segment double Itabashi to tea interval of a mountain by days of torrential rain landslides buried railway, leading to traffic disruption, more trains reentrant or diversions Run, railway transport and passenger travel had an impact.

After receiving the emergency order, China Railway Construction 25th Bureau Group, a company Lou Shao railway project department quickly activate contingency plans, organizing labor 350 people, three excavators, on June 21 14:20 PM rushed to the trouble Hair Place - Loudi Shuangfeng Village, Hongshan temple town of Willow Creek group gray. Since the collapse of the narrow space, small construction area, clogging debris needs through human bagging, use rail cars, rescue more difficult. Through the efforts of all, a total of 2000 square around to clean up debris, dangerous situations under control in at 6:00 on the 23rd.

It is reported that the landslides caused no casualties. railway wagon Next, public works department will also be replaced RAIL processing is expected today, 18:00 resume normal rail transport