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Railway authorities said forged travel documents railway wagon will be subject to heavy penalties
Recently, in Guangzhou to Yinchuan, K1296 train staff seized two forged work permits the passenger railroad. Railway authorities said, for holding false travel behavior, and impose fines in addition to confiscation of documents,  railway wagon false person who personally identifiable information will be collected, this information will be provided to the relevant credit institutions to include relevant personal credit information system .
 railway wagon
According to the passenger section of Yinchuan, Lanzhou Railway Bureau K1296 second conductor Yangxian Jiang introduction, two false holder Zhou, during the process of a column reaching Wuchang station, ride to the Shiyan, by comparing the badge and ticket font, color After anti-counterfeit labels found fake documents, assisted by the railway police, train staff on the two documents confiscated and are subject to double the original fare bus fare basis, while their personal information to be collected.

Railway authorities to remind, according to the "Security Administration Punishment Law" stipulates that the sale or use of forged or altered state organs, people's organizations, enterprises, institutions or other organizations documents on the 15th will likely be sentenced to 10 days detention and 1000 yuan fine, holding forged or altered documents, by train, by corresponding multiple boarding section will be fine fare, personally identifiable information will be collected from the railway credit system. Bad credit record if adopted, will not only affect apply for credit cards, car loans to buy a house, etc., railway wagon and will affect the future studies, assessment first job.