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Rail wagon freight transport investment downturn run high
 ã€€"This year's freight is expected to be very bleak situation inside China railway wagon Corporation is doing everything possible to increase the supply, hoping to weather the storm." A source close to railway wagon Corporation (hereinafter referred to as total iron) of those who told the 21st Century Business Herald reporter.
  The source said that the situation is very bad in 2014, however, the final completion of the national rail freight traffic volume 3.07 billion tons, cargo revenue 285.48 billion yuan, achieving an increase of 7.3%. But "in 2015 to achieve further growth in freight revenue is difficult."
  Recently, the Department of Transportation released statistics from January to February 2015, the data show that from January to February freight situation railway wagon remains in the doldrums, where rail freight more noticeable drop in passenger fall year on year trends, investment, growth remains high , where growth is particularly evident in the western region.
  Freight, 1-2 months, the whole society to complete cargo, cargo turnover was 5.96 billion tons and 2.6163 trillion tons km, an increase of 9.2% and 2.8%, compared with the same period last year, cargo growth accelerated 0.4 percentage points cargo turnover growth rate down 6.1 percentage points. Among them, the rail freight traffic volume fell 9.3 percent, a decline of 6.2 railway wagon percentage points over last year; highway, waterway freight volume growth of 12.5% ??and 7.4%, respectively, compared with the same period last year to speed up 1.8 and 2.5 percentage point slowdown.
  Ministry of Transport Xucheng Guang, deputy director of the Policy Research said that after China's economic development has entered a new normal, transportation economy is also showing railway wagon new features, mainly as follows: transportation from production growth to the rapid growth of high-speed transformation, transportation accelerate the pace of structural adjustment. Freight rail freight in particular downturn is a manifestation of it.
  Passenger and freight traffic situation especially freight downturn, to the downstream industry wide implications. China CNR, one person said, and now the sales of various models inside, trucks are relatively poor, has lasted a year or two, truck sales have been stagnant, which gives the overall business also bring some negative impact. Fortunately, the north and south car several years ago has begun to actively explore overseas markets, the sharp drop in domestic demand can be compensated and partially digested by overseas orders. With the merger of the north and south car is completed, the next Chinese railway wagon equipment enterprises in overseas as there will be greater.
  Although the demand for transportation is not to force, but the supply side, the traffic remains high investment in fixed assets continued to grow.
  Data show that 1-2 months to complete the railway wagon road waterway investment in fixed assets 176.3 billion yuan, an increase of 16.9% growth over the same period last year. Among them, the railway wagon (including capital construction, renovation and purchase of rolling stock) completed an investment of 46.2 billion yuan, an increase of 8.2%; road construction investment 116.4 billion yuan, up 15.9 percent; waterway construction investment 13 billion yuan, a year earlier due to higher than base low growth rate of 85.5%. In terms of regions, highway and waterway fixed asset investment in eastern, central and western regions, respectively, completed an investment of 42.4 billion yuan, 31.7 billion yuan and 56.1 billion yuan, up by 29.2%, 36.1% and 7.6%, eastern and central regions compared with investment growth fast, the scale of investment in the western region continued to remain high.
  Researcher at the Institute of Comprehensive Transportation Development and Reform Commission, said Dong Yan into March, transport investment will continue to maintain the trend of more high-speed growth, there are several factors, one place already have introduced a construction plan intercity rail and attract private capital into the railway wagon comments, the National railway wagon Bureau, the total iron NDRC local railway wagon construction plan is the way to the green, actively cooperate and support. Second, along the way of plans and programs have been announced, which involves a list of foreign and domestic portfolio of projects supporting the item, where the size of at least 1 trillion or more, and these projects are basically infrastructure projects, the bulk of the traffic is .
  Transportation investment on this scale, whether there will be excessive and over-investment problems ahead, Dong Yan said, which might not have to worry too much, with the exception of individual regions and indeed beyond individual areas and situations ahead of duplication of investment in most areas Infrastructure is indeed a short board, particularly the Midwest railway wagon, "Even in the eastern region, due to the flow of people-intensive, some of the high-speed rail lines and airport saturation phenomenon has appeared, the need to build new lines and new airport to shunt. In addition, With the completion of the new line and projects, network traffic between the more complete the project, which also can be induced by a part of the traffic.