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Quan Su Shulin View together Fuzhou Railway Wagon Passenger Line running test cases
  railway wagon
  5, Party Secretary Quan, Governor Su Shulin ride together Fuzhou Railway Wagon Passenger Line (Fujian section) high-speed train line running test cases inspected.
Together Fuzhou Railway Passenger Line (Fujian section) total length of 283 km, the design speed of 300 kilometers, has completed testing and commissioning, is expected to be operational by the end of June the official opening.
8:28, a CRH380A high-speed train pulled out of Fuzhou North Railway Station. Trains smooth start, speed fast, soon reached 300 kilometers per hour.
Sitting in the bright and spacious cabin, looking out the window at the passing scenery, Quan said: "The high-speed rail good, the last car ride to Wuyishan to more than three hours, now take less than an hour this high-speed rail. not only can greatly facilitate the travel of the masses, it will effectively promote the economic and social development. "
Line launched a schematic plan view, in particular the right to co blessing Su Shulin listened carefully and along high-speed rail construction site settings, train trips, passenger flow distribution and so on. They also went into the cab, a detailed understanding of the performance and technological content of high-speed trains of various devices. Railway construction technician, said co-Fuzhou Railway complex geology, climate variability, bridge and tunnel is high, but in close collaboration with the parties, and actively organize the construction, overcome various difficulties to ensure the project is completed on schedule. "You have worked hard!" Quan thanked China Railway Corporation and the Nanchang Railway Bureau, the majority of railway wagon builders condolences.