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Purchase railway wagon tickets by phone default insurance where the network: For the convenience of passengers
 ã€€ã€€Yesterday, the China Daily reported that some of the railway wagon software to buy tickets "insured" issue, no matter how much the fare, through software purchase, all selected by default an insurance policy, after the discovery of many passengers are paying more than our money, payment When there is no note of "insurance information."
  When questioned cited tickets default insurance, experts recommend purchasing sites remind fulfill obligations. Yesterday, China Chinese Commercial News reporters Jiu Cifen and Bie Zhidian where to network and Ctrip and so on.
  >> Silent choose insurance "small size" modify flag "inconspicuous"
  Although not required to sell insurance compulsory, but some ticketing software uses "silent election" mode, select Modify insurance flags are using unobtrusive small font, or in a position not likely to be noticed. If the passenger ticket did not look carefully, hardly notice orders include insurance costs.
  After China Chinese Commercial News reporters Shi Yongqu and Na Erwang phone APP purchase tickets, trips and submit personal information to automatically generate orders interface, while the original fare, the amount of orders increased by 20 yuan insurance. In the passenger information column, there is a line of small print below the ID number: Insurance 20 yuan × 1 copies, click Modify symbol of the bar on the left, into the passenger information editing interface, the bottom of the column is to buy insurance, just click You can choose to buy 0/1/2/3 copies, and then slide to choose from.
  In the web interface where the network, passengers choose Xi'an to Beijing G654 railway wagon, the fare is 515.5 yuan, while the price of the ticket pre-sale page shows 535.5 yuan, which fare 515.5 yuan, 20 yuan insurance. And modify the same insurance "inconspicuous" far right in the middle of the page you can see a small window small font "insurance" word, click on the emergence of three-insurance: 20 yuan insurance 800 000/600 000 5 yuan insurance / no purchase insurance.