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Production of railway safety violations railway wagon bulletin promulgation and implementation
In order to regulate railway safety regulatory actions to promote production and business units and trustworthy law and strengthening social supervision, the State Railway Administration recently issued a "bulletin illegal production of railway safety approach" from the date of promulgation.

The approach in accordance with laws and regulations, "People's Republic railway wagon  of China Production Safety Law," "Railway Safety Management Regulations" and other relevant regulations and, specifically requires the State Railway Administration Bureau and regions during performance of their duties according to the law, faithfully record production units involved in railway safety illegal information, and the establishment of information base; the circumstances are serious violations, to the community, which will also inform the parent unit bulletin information and relevant departments of the production units, on the one hand the establishment of illegal production and business units, "one of the illegal, everywhere restricted "disciplinary mechanism to promote enterprise safety credit system construction; on the other hand to strengthen the supervision of law enforcement information disclosure, accept social and business supervision, promote the standardization of regulatory enforcement actions.
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This way, the State Railways government website set up production of railway safety violations bulletin platform for production units with the following four offenses make an announcement: First, due to violations of the larger and more rail traffic caused by the accident; the second is subject to administrative punishment; third is in serious violations in the supervision and inspection or complaint process found, verified and correct; Fourth, the state laws or other matters bulletin. In addition, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State Production Safety credit system construction, illegal production and business units in line with the State Production Safety integrity "blacklist" bad behavior, the railway regulators will escalation office of the State Council or provincial local government Safety Committee , by the law to the public.

The approach also announcement of specific content,  railway wagon duration, removal, handling objections and made it clear that rail regulatory norms of their work.

Internet users can log on National Railways government website "laws - normative documents" section, access to specifying "illegal production of railway safety bulletin approach."