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Planning regret railway wagon fifteen years
 2001 Author of "China Railway Construction in the New Century Fantasy", 15 have so far been contained. Bo opened in early 2010, 220 suggestions contend, literary sex "Citroen Divine Dance" 26, a total of about 40 million words, put forward a different plan with the Ministry of Railways. So far no one boarded home, some sites will not let the   railway wagon people see the longer-term hide, trying to protect the reputation of the Ministry of Railways. Alone shabby homes sleepless nights, worked hard for the country to plan, guessed Beijing officials so oblivious democracy, trampling the Party's mass line. Guanguanxianghu face strong pressure, screaming in pain regret extremely depressed too!
 railway wagon
A vigorous anti-corruption campaign glorious victory shocked the world against largely confined to the economic sphere. Subjective arbitrary abuse of power politics in the field of more dangerous, such as railway planning mistakes already Tsumoru splurge. "Long-term railway network plan map" to four vertical and four horizontal core, Liu Zhijun self-proclaimed leader of demonstration projects in urgent need of engineering project the image of engineering. There are "long-term railway network plan view (2008 adjustment)," and the eight-hour high hoops are autocratic, not the discussion of the masses. The key is the eastern high-speed rail and construction have neglected the development of the western region, leading to discontent debt can not be repaid. Successor even regarded as a model, to flourish jeopardized strong ......
General Secretary Jiang Zemin called on western development, 12 provinces and economic geography hybrid concept is, strictly speaking, is the distinction between rich and poor. After ten years of construction, Shaanxi, Guangxi and Sichuan and Chongqing have already wealthy countries are not reclassified. Ministry of Railways to use this feature, the province where the rich were all included in the railway detached, claiming 80 percent of the Midwest built railways; but really needed the Qinghai-Tibet railway in remote provinces of Yunnan and Xinjiang, left out no matter what. Such tactics walking a fine line, but also thick thin prove East West; in fact focus on building high-speed rail is still the eastern.
2008 Tianjin inter-city traffic, a NDRC official said, to build on the progress and construction high-speed rail. Sichuan-Tibet railway opened to traffic for almost nine years, he said at the time a build on the progress already open to traffic for many years. Even ease Sino-Indian relations, Ya River valley in southern Tibet beauty tourism, already cashing flow. Development and Reform Commission has recently approved six railway construction, totaling 243.8 billion, are in short intercity longest Qingdao 307 km high-speed rail. Also, Tsubo intercity, Zhangjiakou - paddock - Caofeidian coal mountain shape detour road built, high-speed Beijing-Zhangjiakou stepping up construction. Plus dozens previous article mentioned, the east has become a spider web; really needed - Tibet railway is still soldiering, green new road is no movement, visible NDRC also send high-speed rail. If so, no matter how many astronomy huge debts, by paying to the central intercede approved much more likely. Sign in terms of per capita 1400 years ago, now 1.3 billion divided by four trillion per three thousand men. Liu Zhijun were overjoyed, people do not squalling strange. Fast comfort is good, that the construction of too many mistakes early, squandered land funds, delaying four modernizations process too!
2008 Spring Festival basic telephone inquiries Division, said railway officials on duty to engage in planning experts mile. Indeed, Professor Wang Zhuting long bypass road network crash padding suggestions, Liu Zhijun ignore; retired Chief Engineer Zhou Yimin asked to write three high-speed rail, royalist siege immediately. Lu Avenue academician noted, can not be applied mechanically foreign passenger and cargo diversion that set, to meet the conditions would not listen. Now Shenyang Railway Bureau staff receive salary adjustment notice, beginning of the year salary is not executed, and the first three months of rising wages be required to return home. According to "China Business" reporter, the salary adjustment relates  nearly 300,000 employees, a pay cut because the   railway wagon  recession and the sharp drop in the amount of the northeast rail transport of coal economy. So decrepit gently ask questions, listen experts opinion the consequences be? Especially repeatedly requested the Prime Minister Li Keqiang Midwest railway construction, proposed the building of a more conventional chairman silk economic belt great call, total iron and Reform Commission officials, it is how to learn implemented? Are duplicity sham it?