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Passengers reported the railway wagon railway sector lost votes Final against
When out of the station, find lost paper tickets, and quickly produce 12306 booking confirmation SMS and e-mail, when passengers need replacement ticket? Ho passengers to Wuhan cherry blossoms,    railway wagon   they encountered troubles replacement ticket, and railway transport side the courts, the Court recently ruled that requiring replacement ticket Ho comply with the statutory procedures.

Replacement ticket refund in the first instance in favor of passengers

By the end of March last year, Changsha, Wuhan lawyers Ho Kui-kun after by Chinese railway customer service center 12306, bought a return ticket on April 2, and then altered tickets for the G1003 train, the fare is 164.50 yuan, 12306 Meal immediately receive a confirmation of a successful e-mail and SMS ticketing.

April 2, Ho Kui an identification card to take out paper tickets got Wuhan station. Changsha South Station to the station, the Ho Kui find the ticket is lost, then use the 12306 ticketing and e-mail messages to prove they have the ticket purchase. Ticket staff still insist that what Krishna re-fill the unanimous 164.5 yuan, and paid 2 yuan fee.
railway wagon
Subsequently, He Kui the Wuhan-Guangzhou Railway Passenger Dedicated Line limited liability company and the Guangzhou Railway (Group) Company sued the Changsha Railway Court for refund and charges, and claims 1 million.

Court of First Instance that provides ticket Ho Kui SMS, email and the complementary tickets to prove their tickets, travel, the fact that the replacement ticket, replacement ticket Ho Kui request the return of the request shall be supported, but not entirely what Kui passenger ticket custody obligation, which seeks compensation for the loss of one yuan and 2 yuan fare adjustment fee refund request, the court not support it.

After the first trial, the defendant refused to accept the appeal to the Guangzhou Railway Transportation Intermediate Court.

CFA believes keeping good passenger ticket is compulsory

Secretary appeal that tickets SMS and email can not replace paper tickets, ticket staff can only recognize it as travelers without a ticket. According to our laws, keep the ticket is a contractual obligation travelers should fulfill.    railway wagon   And He Kui believe that rail transport is part of the ticket contract, but not the only proof of what Kui requires twice for the same service signed a contract and paid twice the price, Guangzhou Railway Company violated the principle of good faith with regard to civil law and contract law.