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Passenger stations covering Beijing Railway Bureau to railway wagon refine the whole smoking Smoking Location

(Reporter Wang Shuo) "Beijing smoking control regulations" to implement from tomorrow, railway wagon  in accordance with the provisions of public places, workplaces and indoor areas public transport smoke-free. This morning, the reporter from the Beijing Railway Bureau, Beijing area each passenger station will be fully integrated into tobacco control range.
railway wagon
Reporters learned that, for the implementation of the "Beijing smoking control regulations," Beijing Railway Bureau refined tobacco control initiatives, from June 1, 2015, all regions in the interior of each passenger station in Beijing's smoking, including station ticket hall, waiting area, underpasses and toilet.

Meanwhile, in order to strengthen the propaganda and guidance tobacco control, each station posted in a prominent position on tobacco control propaganda slogans, signs, scrolling electronic display station promos tobacco control and tobacco control scrolling through broadcast system prompt.

In addition, the railway department also used the train radio,  railway wagon video tips and other ways to strengthen the "Beijing smoking control ordinance" propaganda on the passenger train to Beijing.