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Part Railway garbage pollution railway wagon control efforts are still lacking
In June this year, Shandong launched a railway, roads, rivers along the special environmental remediation actions, focusing on governance garbage heaps, misplacing, illegal burning, burying and so on. At present, many cities have been developed and implemented remediation programs. However, the reporter found along the railway, garbage pollution still exists, management efforts to be strengthened.

Density is an important node on  railway wagon  the East and West railway artery, there are more than 100 vehicles per day passenger train from here. Gaomi railway station at about three kilometers east from the electrified railway line position less than 150 meters, the reporter in the street to see is this big picture. Local villagers, these white trash, from the enterprise and the surrounding neighborhoods.
railway wagon
Villagers told Shandong Radio Television News "Shandong News Network" reporter, littering phenomenon has always existed, but no one has managed this place. Reporters learned that, due to the long left unattended rubbish not only affects the appearance of the city, but also pollute the river. From here a day after the residents that, as the temperature and the higher up, the smell from the garbage and the Blackwater River more choking.

Location along the same road 500 meters south of roadside garbage piled up so. Half a meter thick, covering all kinds of garbage on the roadside green belt, with a total area of ​​half a basketball court so much.

In less than one kilometer west of Gaomi railway station where both sides of the railway in addition to garbage, large or small, the reporter also saw a secretly burning garbage and close to the railway line breeding caused pollution problems. Residents built a few simple pigsty, sheepfold, in the far side of the railway line position, the relatively low rail fence, messy scene can clearly see from the window.

Although the density of a different situation, but environmental   railway wagon issues on both sides of Jimo Nord railway should not be ignored. Jimo North Station, is an important site Rongcheng intercity railway last year, was officially opened on December 28. With the surrounding supporting project started, a large area of ​​construction waste has become a big attraction in the east side of the station. Here, white garbage mainly in the vicinity of the railway line, and construction waste mixed together, piled up already two meters tall.