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Mens railway bridge fishing rod was railway wagon melted only handle high voltage electric shock
Recently, the 27-year-old Xu Zhilong in Shunyi JianHe a railway bridge was fishing when a high voltage electric shock, burns after diagnosis 86%, remains in hospital for observation. Face up to 200 million cost of surgery, Xu's railway wagon  mother frustrated, anxious tears.
railway wagon
At 15:00 on June 10, Xuzhi Long after work go minus a railway bridge near the river fishing. "At the time of his own in the southern end of the bridge, a few of us in the northbound fishing," said Mr. Jiang colleagues. 17:00 more, Xuzhi Long body was found lying on the ground unconscious fire. "The incident is too sudden, I found his end of the rod are burned only handheld." Mr. Jiang said he quickly ran over him with a hat beat Xu fire.

Live pictures show, Xu Zhilong was a shock at about five meters above the hanging at a wire. Near the railway staff, said the wire is used in tens of thousands of railway equipment volt high-voltage wire.

Xuzhi Long after the incident was sent to Jishuitan Hospital for treatment. Xuzhi Long's mother Du Xiuqin introduction, the doctor said his son burns up to 86%, is a deep burn â…£ level shall timely surgery to save their lives, but the full cost of the operation up to more than 200 million, the latter also need a few million facelift. "Our family economic situation is not good, how do have so much money." It is understood that Xuzhi Long father suffers from diabetes, lumbar disc herniation, mother suffering from heart disease. Xuzhi Long 6-year-old son was born with a congenital fibroma, early treatment of the family has spent most of the savings of parents, family Xuzhi Long rely only 2,500 yuan per month living wage. "Early delivery costs are borrowed, the subsequent treatment of how to do ah," comes to costs Du Xuqin anxious to tears several times.

Doctors said the burns department Xu Zhilong of high-voltage electric shocks were caused by its implementation has been the regular "cut tube surgery." Because of his good instincts body within 72 hours with no fever, increased heart rate, in addition to electric shocks to the heart, the other kidney and other organs work properly. "Before the disease poor survival rate low, and the family even had to give up the idea of ​​treatment,railway wagon but later restored fine, if no surgery is really a pity." Hospital plans Monday to Xu Zhilong do skin graft surgery, before surgery will take delivery of 400,000 yuan about.

Yesterday, the local police station police investigators said that the current case is still under investigation, other cases disclose.