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Men sit high-speed rail station penniless helpless railway wagon slept along the railroad back to Yiwu
May 15 6 am, Hangzhou Qiaosi police station received a high-speed rail driver alarm: the Nanjing-Hangzhou high-speed rail in long-Hangzhou high-speed rail K239 + 279M (located at Yuhang District Chongxian street) has a   railway wagon   middle-aged man in railway online travel, is very dangerous.
railway wagon
Fortunately, the police promptly, the police station at the scene found the man, it was removed from, prevent accidents. You know, at 300 kilometers per hour high-speed rail line to walk, it is very dangerous,  railway wagon   vulnerable to traffic accidents.
railway wagon
This person is called Ng Kai Man, male, 50 years old, Jiangxi. He claims that he take the K348 times in Wenzhou, Yiwu ready to go to work, because I had slept on the station, then stop in Hangzhou, because penniless wanted to walk along the railroad come back Yiwu.

He has been walking north from Hangzhou Station along the railway line, I saw a railway uphill, then down to go up into the elevated railway (Department of Nanjing-Hangzhou high-speed rail). Until the police found him, he was walking along the railway of more than five hours of nearly 16 km, the people exhausted and did not eat anything pale,   railway wagon    during, and even did not drink a water.