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Li Keqiang two foreign railway to facilitate the railway wagon development also protect the environment
22 pm local time, Peru held a grand square in front of the Presidential Palace ceremony to welcome Chinese Premier to visit. When talks with Peruvian President Humala, Li pointed out that the two sides can strengthen pragmatic cooperation on the basis of forward-looking design trade arrangements. Promote productivity and equipment cooperation in key areas, to build on areas of oil, clean energy, mining, agriculture, forestry, fishery and other downstream industry chain cooperation. The two leaders witnessed the signing of bilateral energy production, energy, mining, infrastructure construction, quarantine, medical, aerospace and other areas of cooperation documents. The two sides also issued a joint statement in the secret government.

When meeting with reporters, Li said, China and Brazil, Peru decided to jointly carry out the "two-ocean railway" feasibility study and agreed to expedite the work of the Joint Working Group for the project as early as possible to make substantial progress. Lee stressed that the project should not only develop, but also to protect the environment.

Local time on May 21, Li Keqiang still "Peruvian newspaper" published an    railway wagon  article entitled "Peru relations and jointly write a new movement," the signed article. Comprehensive China International Online Government Network

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Marquez's hometown of coffee into the Chinese tea

San Carlos has 300 years of history Palace interior is typically Spanish colonial-style: dark red wallpaper, crystal chandeliers, walnut staircase and floor. But in the May 22 local time, but here using scented Chinese green tea and Colombian coffee integration.

Chinese writer here Chatteris own understanding of Latin American literature, while Colombia is constantly traced their favorite writers and knowledge of the China Society for Chinese literature. On that day, both the Chinese and Colombian cultural sector organized the "China - Latin America Humanities Seminar", as a mutual "tribute" China and Latin American civilization, and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and attended by Colombian President Santos, then let this "Tribute" further escalation.
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6, the Colombian writer, and Li Keqiang, Santos took the floor. Chinese writer Mo Yan said, came to Marquez's hometown of Columbia, for him was "fantasy into reality." He said he then saw Marquez fantasy when the first sentence is:. "Sir, I worked with you drink coffee together in the dream, but Colombia's coffee inside, a little taste of Chinese green tea."

Li Keqiang in a subsequent speech said he hoped the Chinese writers here drink plenty of Colombian coffee, to create more communication between the two peoples work, "look forward to more extensive cultural exchanges between China and Latin America, in-depth soul!"

Mutual "Tribute" two civilizations

25-year-old Jiang Fangzhou is Marquez last novel "Memoirs of bitter prostitutes," the Chinese translator. Speech, Jiang Fangzhou recalled his own experience reading Latin American literature, "in my mind, in Latin America the land and 'lonely' seems not separate ...... (Latin America) to find identity in contradiction and confusion, and then get energy , keep going. "

Colombian poet Benavides years holding a Spanish translation of "poems of Li Bai," recite their favorite two poems. "His poetry described the Chinese history and vicissitudes of life. I can feel him surging creative mood." beinasi said, "I want my admiration for the Chinese poet to express the most sincere respect."

Writers who are from two great civilizations about the influence of other civilizations on their own. Colombian novelist Santiago kanboa said he had to go to China to write a novel, but upon arrival, because of the cultural differences between the two countries in shock, he wrote three novels full.

Mo Yan said that Latin American literature of the 1980s group of Chinese writers of the last century, is a very brilliant, intimate literary realism. He has worked in many years ago in an article summary: Marquez inspired his "original novels can be written," also seduced him "like them to write fiction." He said in the article, I hope to get rid of them, to create a distinctive national characteristics and personal style novel.

Writers Association President Tie Ning also revealed a detail: the night before the presidential Santos welcoming banquet, Li Keqiang also quoted Prime Minister Mo Yan evaluation of Marquez in the same article, a Latin American literature as an expression of a far-reaching influence on Chinese Literature and unique charm.

Mo Yan Li also talked about the "super market" of Chinese high-speed rail. He said that the early years he sat 50 kilometers per hour train back home, he fancies himself "riding a horse in the field Benz"; now, he sat more than 300 kilometers per hour high-speed rail to go home, that he is "riding on a rocket to the moon Mercedes-Benz. " He said: "The reality has changed, is changing fantasy, China's development progress is the new reality we are faced with Chinese writers, literary creation is our most precious resource."

Santiago kanboa said that literature is the human interaction of the "universal language", the writer hopes to reflect the reality of the record through his writings; Jiang Fangzhou Marquez is referenced in the "maze generals" in the parable, a young writer made thing is "hollowing out a small cut cane, so fireflies distribute literature Eternal Light."

Li Keqiang also joined the discussion. He said that literature is the treasure of human culture and civilization, has a special charm, people in the literary world will be full of imagination, "the rapid development of the global process of modernization requires constant innovation, and innovation is not only the accumulation of human knowledge from civilization, but also from the rich humanity imagination literary imagination can inspire social creativity, and ultimately make vision a reality. "

During his visit to Costa Rica Costa Rica domestic "ceasefire"

As Marquez's "longtime friend", Santos Marquez tells a story associated with China in his speech. He said that in the 1970s, when he went to the apartment to visit Marquez, see the writer being angrily pacing the room, because how he can not find a suitable word to describe a child to the wall throwing coins on the local game.

"I clearly remember him wrestling a long time, and finally thought of a Chinese wise man suddenly said a word." Santos said, "Marquez was very surprised, Chinese wise words so accurate, concise, simple, but it can express such a profound thought. "

Special Santos said, in order to welcome the visiting Prime Minister Li Keqiang, armed conflict lasted for many years the Colombian government and the guerrillas parties agree that a cease-fire during the Chinese premier's visit Costa Rica for 24 hours. Earlier, Li Keqiang talks with Colombian President Santos said that China firmly supports Colombia's internal peace process.

"Respect for the ancient Latin American civilizations."

Li said China and Colombia have ancient civilizations. Colombia is located in Latin America, there is so proud of the Maya civilization of mankind, civilization and Achilles Côte Inca civilization; China also has a long history of civilization, there has been no interruption in 5000 culture, mutual respect between us, that humans can There are colorful world, which can coexist peacefully in diversity. "

He also emphasized that soil moisture Latin civilization, including not only the history of human activity, there are vast reserves of tropical rain forest biodiversity. Latin American culture is bred on this land.

"We respect the ancient civilization in Latin America, but also respect your biological diversity." Li said, our cooperation is conducive to blend civilizations is conducive to biodiversity and the environment is conducive to the harmony between humans and nature.

Expect pull "spiritual communication"

Faced with numerous writers participants, Li said, literature, especially fiction tastes, with a wide influence, can make people in different countries more mutual understanding, and develop spiritual communication, "Marquez's works have 'Encyclopedia 'nature, which can understand the history of Colombia. China also has "Dream of Red Mansions" This' encyclopedia' type of fiction, which can understand the ancient Chinese cultural life. "

Prior to the exchange, Mo Yan mentioned Colombian coffee and Chinese tea, Benavides then mentions love drinking Li Bai. So Li Keqiang, laughing, Li Bai is "Shixian" China still has a "poet saint" Du Fu, he wrote, "Li Bai Doujiu hundred poems." Chinese writers who may not drink a bucket of coffee, but you can try to drink a few glasses, to create more communication between the two countries work.

"Latin American proverb says, 'force on the sail boat, the power of people in mind'." Prime Minister said he hoped the Humanities seminar brought us, is Latin America, Costa Rica unlimited broad prospects for cooperation. Expect Colombia, Latin America's cultural exchanges broader, more in-depth soul! Beijing News special correspondent Chu Si Cong

You may not know the Latin American tour in Peru

Flavors of Peruvian cuisine

With rich tourism resources and world-renowned Peruvian, and the irresistible cuisine. Lima, specially built a food museum, food production models, specialties of imitation and cooking utensils to the people about the development process of Peruvian cuisine.

Peruvians eat dumplings to commemorate Qu Yuan and the Chinese people different, Peruvians eat at Christmas. This is a name of "juane" big dumplings, there are chunks of chicken and eggs.   railway wagon  A major feature of typical Peruvian dishes, is to use potatoes as a raw material. Peru has more than 2000 kinds of potatoes, colorful. A seafood sauce black cod, looks like a curry sauce, in fact, mashed potatoes with yellow hook gravy, add teriyaki sauce modulation.

Peru and some flavors of food, "chiriuchu" is one of them, it means "raw food." Ingredient is chicken or roast guinea pig, with a red pepper. Indian dish used for ritual purposes, guinea pigs is the soul of the dish, holidays and everyone will always be the name of this road food. Guinea pig than the chicken meat more tender, cooked with mixed spices roasted guinea pig no fishy taste, fresh and delicious. Peru's market as well as selling green frog juice squeezed. Start aquarium owner pick a frog, a knife cut a hole in its belly, the skin peeled whole. Then the frog with honey, aloe and plant roots into a blender along with an unknown crush. It is said that the frog juice can not only physical health, but also the treatment of asthma and other diseases.