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Li Keqiang Latin America focus Two Oceans railway line railroad stocks trillion enjoy feast
According to Foreign Ministry news, Premier Li Keqiang will visit four Latin American countries, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Chile, May 17 to 29. According to the Foreign Ministry reports, in addition to the visit to sign a number of cooperation documents, including mining, energy, agriculture, finance, technology, aerospace and other fields, will sign across the Atlantic and the Pacific "two foreign railway," the feasibility study of joint documents. railway wagon Industry experts have said the two foreign railways can break the current US control of the Panama Canal under the monopoly of the international logistics. Moreover, the national railway network infrastructure in Latin America's own economic development is important, China can export railway equipment and technology, to boost the country's export trade. railway wagon Pakistan foreign secretary Three jointly build two railways will be mutually beneficial and win-win move. "Two foreign railways' total length of 5000 km, of which 2,000 km railway line is basically the existing lines, need to create about 3,000 km of railways, and the need to go through the Andes. According to preliminary estimates, the budget for this project could reach $ 60 billion. Brazilian Ambassador Leon has said that in the next four or five years, Brazil will invest hundreds of billions of dollars to build 11,000 kilometers of railway lines, both north-south direction, there are east-west direction, and keep them connected to each other. It is reported that "two foreign railway" The key is to facilitate China's merchandise exports to the Americas by the local input raw materials. Latin American countries rich in natural resources, especially agricultural products, rich in minerals, form a natural complementary relationship with China. In Brazil, for example, Brazil's exports to China's major iron ore, soybeans, sugar, cotton and other commodities.China Institute of Contemporary International Relations expert Chen Fengying of the world economy, said under the new normal Chinese economy is to "go out", the implementation of international strategy, is a win-win for both sides. Latin America, vast territory and abundant resources, Chinese enterprises need to bring cheap Latin American technology and equipment, promote local economic development and industrial upgrading. Huge potentials for bilateral cooperation in infrastructure construction, especially in high-speed rail cooperation, manufacturing, electricity providers, industrial park construction and other fields. Analysts believe that the recent successive Premier Li Keqiang's visit, high-speed rail, nuclear power and other "go out" on behalf of will usher in a wave rose significantly. The highly anticipated "two-ocean railroad" will usher in substantial progress, railway construction-related sector is expected to come out on top, leading the prime minister to visit the current round of speculation boom, especially in the South American market roots related companies will come to the fore. Maanshan Iron & Steel (600808) currently has the world's largest production capacity of the wheel tire professional production plant, was designated to become EMU wheels China Railway Corporation, in cooperation with the localization of the wheels of power machine, it has an indirect participation in the domestic construction of major railway lines the work. Last year the company acquired one of the world's four high-speed axle manufacturing business of French Waldron its total assets, the international business once again overweight, while the localization process Magang high-speed railway, motor car wheels is expected to accelerate. Bus wheel Magang produced in the domestic market share of more than 90%, exports to Brazil, India, the United States, Pakistan and other more than 20 countries and regions. In 2011, the company signed nearly 10,000 Brazilian exports wheel truck orders fell swoop opened the truck wheel market in Brazil. "Two foreign railways' freight railroad that once you start construction will have a huge demand for truck wheel orders, Maanshan Iron and Steel is expected to fully benefit. In addition, Brazil's Vale is the largest iron ore Magang suppliers, and to deepen cooperation between the two "two-ocean railway" building will also help Magang iron ore imports from Brazil. Gem Industries (601,002) is the fastener industry leading enterprises, is only capable of producing a full set of high-speed rail fastener domestic manufacturers, ranking second in high-speed rail fastener market share, market share of about 23%, second only to Germany Fu Winslow companies. The company is accelerating the development of a set research with international competitiveness and influence, manufacture, family support, logistics and distribution services in one large-scale comprehensive industrial group. 2014 fastener products overseas sales of over 500 million yuan, accounting for 18% of total revenue. On high-speed rail fastener market, Jin billion industry currently has established cooperation with Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey and other countries. Jinxi Axle (600495) is Asia's largest railway axle manufacturing enterprises and products already covered railway locomotives, railway wagon passenger cars, trucks, five subway and light rail applications, sold in Brazil, the United States, India and other countries and regions in the international market It has a good brand image and market influence. The company hand-held foreign orders has exceeded 900 million yuan, hit a new high exports, especially leading product axles, production increased nearly 60% over 2014 estimates.