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Kunming railway police this year railway wagon have seized over 50 kilograms of drugs
According to the Kunming Railway Public Security Bureau news, railway wagon  Kuntie far this year police have cracked 388 drug-related cases, arrested drug 413 criminal suspects, and seized 50.14 kilograms of drugs, drug money seized 2.217 million yuan.
railway wagon
According to reports, this year, Kunming Railway Public Security Bureau criminal investigation in drug cases continue to increase capacity and Duyuanjieliu level to crack down on drug trafficking by rail, precursor chemicals criminal activities. In April, the Bureau Narcotics Control Bureau under the Ministry of Public Security, Railway Public Security Bureau unified command, in full cooperation Lincang, Sichuan Liangshan local public security organs cracked a case from the Ministry of Public Security drug targets, and seized 13.2 kg of heroin and arrested 63 drug trafficking suspects, and seized drug money 90,000 yuan, destroyed a well-paid job to introduce the name, has from Guangzhou, Dongguan, trick, coerce more than 50 young people aged 15-25 with concealment manner drugs from abroad to Sichuan Xichang large cross-border trafficking of drug gangs.

It is understood that, in order to block the drug outside the station in the car, Kunming Railway Public Security Bureau of the team to the grass-roots stations, garages, out of the province to focus on passenger trains, the counter-narcotics,  railway wagon security, pursuit combine daily work, further weave dense Arrest network, forming a "blocking major stations, station search, under carriages, car screen," the three-dimensional seizing system, the fight against drug crime.