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Kenyan President said Mongolia railway wagon railway will benefit the local people's livelihood
Xinhua Nairobi, May 27 (Reporter Dengyao Min) black Kenyan President Hu Lu on the 26th Kenyatta visited China Road and Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd. construction of the Mombasa - Nairobi railway project, the railway will be built to benefit local people's livelihood praise .

Kenyatta said that after the opening of the Mongolian railway,  railway wagon Mombasa and Nairobi two transport costs will be reduced by half, and the project itself has created a lot of job opportunities for Kenyan youth, will drive economic growth in Kenya and East Africa. Kenya Government will ensure that the project was successfully completed on schedule, and plan for the future in major cities along the railway construction of industrial parks.
railway wagon
Located in the southeastern Kenya Kenya taca looked tayitatawei tower County Tsavo River Bridge construction site. This is since January this year, the railway projects under construction Kenyatta second to on-site inspections. January 23 this year, his first field of view within cameng railway projects.

Tsavo River Bridge a total length of nearly 2,000 meters, there are 59 piers, the highest point of 35.1 meters, which will become one of the longest railway bridge in Kenya.

Mongolian railway design is about 480 km east from the port city of Mombasa, west of the capital Nairobi, Ken territory throughout eight counties. The total project cost is $ 3.8 billion, is one of the largest projects in Kenya since independence,  railway wagon  but also over the past century the country's first new railway.