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Harbin Railway Bureau open railway wagon seven pairs of trains plus help "Dragon" passenger travel
People Harbin, June 11 (by radius) June 11, the reporter learned from the railway sector, "Dragon Boat Festival" this holiday shipping period of June 19 to 22, high-speed rail Harbin Harbin Railway Bureau will open the line west to Shanhaiguan railway wagon direction train 1 on, Shenyang, Harbin, north west of the weekend to train high-speed rail line 1 on the inner tube interim coach province Qiqihar, Mohe, the five permanent members, five pairs of Bei'an direction, help the traveling public holiday travel.
 railway wagon

It is understood that this year's "Dragon" small holiday passenger tourism, visiting relatives mainly concentrated in Shenyang passenger Heilongjiang province, the direction of Beijing, Heilongjiang province traffic concentrated in Harbin, Qiqihar, Mohe, Wuchang, Bei'an other places, it is expected to transport passengers 1.42 million passengers daily average of 355,000 passengers. Harbin Railway Bureau in the "Dragon Boat Festival" holiday passenger transportation programs, restorative FIG given grouping, additional Linke, to add a coach, EMU reconnection and other measures to increase capacity.

During the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, the Harbin Railway Bureau insist on using the Internet, telephone booking priority strategy, adhere to the main station 24 hours ticket, reasonable arrangements for passenger ticket, waiting, take down, and out of the station. At the same time, vigorously promote the "three travel" service measures normalized, focus on strengthening the "real-name ticket system" and "An inspection dangerous" work to ensure transport safety.

In addition, the railway sector to remind passengers Train during the holiday information, please refer to the local station ticket and ticket information subject to the notice, or follow Kazakhstan iron official microblogging channel, login 12306, call 12306 customer service phone consultation.

Additional open train situation:

1. Harbin, Shenyang North West - G760 / G761 times. CDB Date: June 19 --22 opening line.

2. Harbin West - Shanhaiguan G4737 / 8 times. CDB Date: Jun 19 - August 31 opening line.

3. Harbin East - Mohe K5141 / 2 times. CDB Date: On June 13 - the date between September 1, each opening on the 1st line of the 2nd outage.

4. Harbin - Qiqihar K5123 / 4 times. CDB Date: June 19 --22 opening line.

5. Qiqihar ~ Harbin K5106 / 5 times. CDB Date: June 17 --18, 20 --22 opening line.

6. Harbin East - Wuchang K5190 / 89 times. CDB Date: K5190 times by the Harbin East on June 18-21, the opening line, K5189 times June 19 by the five permanent members --22 opening line.

7. Harbin East - North Ann K5187 / 88 times.  railway wagon CDB Date: K5187 times June 19, the 21st CDB Harbin East; K5188 times from north Ann June 20, the 22nd CDB.