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Guizhou police blind eye to his wife as railway stations railway wagon and more than ten years
Pan Yong Guiyang Railway Police Department,  railway wagon police abuse dam punch Heights police station only in the station, in 2002, Pan Yong suffering from glaucoma, complicated cataract surgery and then, within just one year, his eyesight decreased from 1.0 to only light perception. After that, his wife Tao Hongying - a security guard station, helped Pan Yong security check every day traveler stint in charge of the station together to patrol railway line search vehicles, villages and households into the school to carry out safety campaigns, footprint 38 km area around the line, three administrative villages, 13 villagers every corner group. Road, Tao Hongying to say they saw her husband listen, Pan Yong remember always thinking hard about their brains, the area of ​​a one, plants and trees, are seared into his brain. Mainz punch station daily average of 120 trains pass, to help her husband Lianting Li, Tao Hongying and Pan Yong often dependent standing railroad, after listening to the roar of the train, with ears to identify the various types of trains. In the Tao Hongying's companions, Pan Yong create jurisdictional lines more than ten years without criminal case, no law and order case, trackless injury accident "three noes" miracle,  railway wagon creating a model for crime prevention and control circuit mountains.
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