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German train drivers strike again against the railway wagon new bill maintains the right to strike
According to the World Wide Web, according to Taiwan, "Central News Agency" reported May 20, the German rail transport on the 20th again since most of the outage, because the German train drivers union (GDL) once again went on strike, freight from at 15:00 on the 19th start of the outage, Passenger from at 2:00 on the 20th start outage, strike the railway wagon driver time to return to work yet to be announced. Some analysts pointed out that in addition to union strike pay, or for a new bill to Congress about to vote.
 railway wagon
According to reports, the German train drivers' union strike aims to Deutsche Bahn (DB) pressure, the strike is also within 10 months 9th launch strikes. Early May for up to one week strike by guests and industry hurt. Industry estimates, over the past few months because of the train drivers' strike, affecting passenger and freight transport, economic losses may be hundreds of millions of euros.

Many German politicians, including Transport Minister Du Helder (Alexander Dobrindt), all hope impasse is resolved. Train drivers' union and the labor dispute between the companies is a serious impact on traffic, public tolerance has reached its limit.

According to reports, because only about 20,000 members of the German train drivers union strike is not just to fight for salary increases and reduction of working hours, but for the 21st Congress to vote railway wagon   on a "single contract law." If this bill is passed and implemented, the number of members of the GDL small may lose the right to launch a strike.