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Ganzhou-Longyan Railway Capacity Expansion railway wagon Project Fujian section line laying
Xinhua Fuzhou, June 10 (by Qi Zhongxi, Liucheng Bin) reporter from China Railway 12th Bureau Group was informed that, five years after construction of the building, the group construction of Ganzhou-Longyan Railway Capacity Expansion Project in Fujian Duan last a long rail line Shop until the end of the 10th Longyan station, the end  railway wagon of the opening and operation has laid a good foundation.
 railway wagon
Built in 2004 Ganlong Beijing-Kowloon Railway is the straight trunk railway, but due to low construction standards, the capacity has been saturated. Implementation Ganlong railway expansion project, along the old revolutionary base areas of poverty alleviation and promoting coordinated regional economic development, strengthening of the central region and the southeast coastal economic relations is of great significance.

Ganzhou-Longyan Railway west Jiangxi Ganzhou, east of Longyan City, Fujian Province. Since in all, Xijiang, Ruijin, Changting, Guanzhi, Shanghang to Longyan, new two-lane 274 km. Jiangxi Province where 113.639 km, 135.779 km territory of Fujian Province. The main technical standards for the grade â…  double line electrified railway, the design speed of 200 km. Started in September 2010, it is expected to spread across the board through the end of 2015 and put into operation. By then, Ganzhou to Xiamen EMU, takes about two and a half hours.
Since last May Ganzhou-Longyan Railway Capacity Expansion Project in Fujian section of main line track laying project officially been responsible for the full range of construction work laying two 12 Bureau Group Ganlong project construction unit with advanced equipment and superb technique to speed up construction. This segment accounted for 84.8% line number of bridges and tunnels in total length. During the bridge, builders repeatedly overcome construction problems and negative distance distance  railway wagon  between the girder and other bridge and tunnel, finally laying to the end of the lead line.