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European countries were the British rail speed limit heat railway wagon Mengxi anti-rail expansion
According to foreign media reported on the 3rd, many European countries affected by heat wave, railway wagon  temperatures in some countries up to 40 degrees Celsius, many people have to travel to the seaside summer heat, while some public fountain has become a "temporary beach."
railway wagon
Reported that the French capital Paris on the 1st temperature rose to 39 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature is 60 years, large numbers of people in the vicinity of the Eiffel Tower fountain play. Southwest more recorded more than 40 degrees Celsius, the high temperature so that the damaged power facilities, causing massive power outages, about 1 million are affected.

France in 2003, has been subjected to heat waves, caused thousands of deaths, to avoid making the same mistakes, the authorities open an air-conditioned place, public summer.

British capital London on the 1st also recorded a 36.7 degrees Celsius, breaking the record of the past 200 years, has become the hottest day in July.

Held in London since the start of the Wimbledon tennis tournament faced the hottest day, hot weather so a caddy is "hot halo."

Fountain near King's Cross station, the children put on a swimsuit playing in the water. Old London Underground carriages more just like the "stove", it is difficult to endure; British Rail also driving the speed limit, avoid hot rail expansion, leading to the train derailment.

Spain National Weather Service officials said another wave of heat waves menacing, railway wagon  is expected to be swept Spain in the 3rd and last for at least nine days, and then also to France, Italy, Germany and Eastern Europe spread. Spain in some areas the temperature expected to reach 44 degrees Celsius.