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Dragon Boat Festival holiday return peak passenger railway wagon railway is expected to send 9.5 million passengers
Xinhua Beijing June 22 (Reporter Qi Zhongxi) reporter learned from the China Railway Corporation, June 22 will mark the Dragon Boat Festival holiday railway passenger flow peak return, is expected to send 9.5 million passenger trips, the national railway wagon passenger train is expected to add 252 open .
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June 21, sent the national railway passenger 7,650,000 people, and the Dragon Boat Festival last year, an increase of 425,000 passengers, an increase of 5.9%. Among them, the Beijing Railway Bureau to send visitors 841,000 passengers, an increase of 09,000 people; Shanghai Railway Bureau to send passengers 1,559,000 passengers, an increase of 72,000 people; the Guangzhou Railway Group to send visitors 1,012,000 passengers , an increase of 04,000 people.

June 21, the national railway passenger train a total CDB 5793. Plus open passenger train 188.

The railway sector suggest that 22 is the peak passenger travel, railway wagon major metropolitan traffic, travel time to focus, please carry passengers tickets and ticket information consistent with valid ID, set aside enough time to stop the recount, so as not to delay the trip.