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Deckle freight train railway wagon
 March 19, the author held from Dingbian deckle Station opened on freight business operations news conference that, from that date, will be the official opening of the freight business side of the railway wagon train station, which marks Dingbian and the surrounding area The goods will be sent to the country by freight train, the same goods across the country can also be transported by train to Dingbian. Because transportation more convenient, reduce transportation costs, this freight train line known as the "Gold Line."
It is understood that Dingbian railway wagon nearly three years of unremitting efforts and careful coordination, deckle Station on January 6, 2011 formally completed and opened, a complete end Dingbian no train of history. Currently, the passenger side, passing deckle Station has opened 10 pairs of passenger trains (20 times), issued a passenger in more than 700 passengers, which greatly facilitates the public to travel the county and surrounding counties. Recently, the China railway wagon Corporation issued a deckle Train Yard opened so that from March 19, will be the official opening of the freight business side of the train station operators, which marks the end since Dingbian bulk cargo and surrounding counties rely on road This single transport transportation history, the transportation costs will be reduced by 20% to 40% according to the length of the journey.
Dingbian due at the junction of four provinces, the ancient "dry dock" said. In recent years, with the development of oil, railway wagon,natural gas, salt, new energy and agricultural industries to grow, more and more pressing needs of the logistics industry. Dingbian opened freight train operations, effectively reducing the logistics cost of the product, and to continue to play a role in restoring "dry dock" laid the foundation has provided a guarantee for stimulating the local economy and surrounding areas play an important role for the Northern Shaanxi along the old revolutionary base areas of economic and social development has brought unprecedented opportunities.
It is reported that, given the side rail railway wagon freight lines surrounding area is opened the first freight line. Deckle Station freight yard area of ​​about 40,000 square meters, there is a freight line, the maximum capacity of 13 digits car car, at present, annual shipments may reach 30 million tons. This year, Dingbian preparatory work will be completed the second phase of the freight train station, the railway wagon station in the future to further improve cargo.