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Death Railway British and Japanese veterans of railway wagon past enemies I smile can melt away allies and enemies
BEIJING, June 23 Xinhua, "Central News Agency," 23 reported that during World War II to build the notorious "Death Railway," the Japanese were forced to participate in the project engineer with the then British soldiers clasped each other's hands, railway wagon smile can melt away allies and enemies.
railway wagon
94-year-old Japanese Kinoshita Mikio and 96-year-old Englishman A Qieli quietly sat together on the sofa, looking back a total experience. That year, the Japanese captured 阿切利 forced between Myanmar and Thailand, known as the "Death Railway," the project as slave labor.

Two old and now have grown old, slow, but still the same brain clear. Although now only talk through an interpreter, but warm and cordial atmosphere, the two clasped hands and smiled at each other.

In August this year coincided with the 70th anniversary of Japan's surrender in World War II, two old Army and Navy Club in London receptions meet. They want their rare meetings, people make when subjected to the "death railway" more able to understand the impact of each other, there will be more people and therefore pay homage to the construction of the railway and the dead man.

A Qieli said, "This evening, on behalf of Kinoshita and  railway wagon my reconciliation. We should remind ourselves that the cause of war not soldiers, but the government."