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Crossing railroad cars to be railway wagon procured Bombardier business
Yesterday's market rumors that China car purchase in China after the acquisition of property  railway wagon investment is to pave the way for Bombardier's rail business. At present, China in the car did not respond to this message, the spokesman only to the media that the company is conducting due diligence on Chinese property investment, and denied to Chinese buyers will inject assets. K line graph, hit a new high in April 20 to yesterday's 25 trading days, China in the car A shares and H shares almost halved, industry analysts with the current disk performance, noted that there are trading opportunities for the future Investors may wish to continue to observe, looking for the right opportunity.
railway wagon
Pacific Securities analyst Ji Xiao Jun said that China has been in the car Shenfudiaozheng now acquired Bombardier's message has not been publicly confirmed by either party, the next trend to look at the broader market and the company itself. If the market stabilizes, China may start the car; if the market continued to dip, China may continue to shock in the car or the bottom. From China in the car itself, the stock early or too large, the recent rate of decline is also great, disk point of view there are many still profit, there is a motivation to continue to fall, suggest that investors remain intensive observation. "There will be some signs of stabilization in the car, for example, following the broader market stabilized, and even posting gains, this time to intervene is more appropriate time." He suggested that investors now is to continue to observe the best, do not rush to intervene, or to give up some opportunities ; admission investors want at this time, it is best to wet storage market.

Qianhai in Shenzhen Jin Xin Da Investment Director Jin Shaohua noted,  railway wagon  it seems, even though China's share prices in car cut, but it is still one of the market value of Shanghai stock market giant. The stock rose early indeed a "speculation too far," the situation, but the future of China in the car A-share trading opportunities still exist, and soared situation will not recur. K line from the car to see the Chinese way of bottoming, the possibility of stock prices fell again very small. "Investors are advised to be patient, be considered to find a suitable investment opportunity to intervene, to capture the trading of investment opportunities."